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Five Paragraph Essays - Essay Example

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The writer of the essay "Five Paragraph Essays" suggests that some high-school counselors believe that participation in extracurricular activities is more important than academic achievement as preparation for future occupational success. Some believe that books are important…
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Five Paragraph Essays
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Extract of sample "Five Paragraph Essays"

Download file to see previous pages Extracurricular activities are usually considered to be sports activities. Although the extracurricular activities of sports can enhance and balance academics, extracurricular activities include many others. Projects that fall under the category of extracurricular activities include photography, volunteerism, assisting the needy, newspaper staff, etc. These activities are actual skills that will be used in jobs and in real life. They provide the life skills participation that is necessary for future jobs. Extracurricular activities include a broad range of activities which provide skills that will be used in real life and future jobs.
Extracurricular activities allow hands-on experience which better prepares for future work success than academic achievement. Listening and being tested is not as effective as participating. Doing is more effective as it engages mind, body, and spirit. All-level participation ensures better preparation. Extracurricular activities provide problem-solving and facing rewards and consequences of real life situations which in turn better prepares for future occupational success.
It is apparent that parents’ work life affects a child as childcare impacts his/her development. The National Development Institute of Child Health and Human Development found a direct relationship between the time with a childcare provider and the negative actions of a child. Studies have shown that non-maternal care leads to stress. Stress causes behavioral problems. Children who spend most of their time in childcare are three times more likely to behave negatively. A child experiences stress the longer he/she is under childcare which could lead the young to aggression and disobedience. (The Negative Effects of Childcare, 2003).
The amount of time under childcare can result in negative behavior. Studies reveal that the quality of childcare does not matter regarding a child's behavior. What matters is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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