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How to End a Composition With a Bang - Essay Example

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This is the "How to End a Composition With a Bang". By the time you get to the conclusion of your essay, chances are you are already tired and ready to call it quits…
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Extract of sample "How to End a Composition With a Bang"

Download file to see previous pages It means that students must know how to end an essay with a bang if they are to excel in their written assignments. The ending doesn’t have to be in the concluding paragraph. Normal paragraphs throughout the essay should also have sound concluding sentences. It will ensure that your piece is conclusive throughout and easy for the reader to follow through. Planning Your Conclusion Paragraph A reasonable end should always remind the reader why he or she should care about your paper. The end should be a good reflection of the entire argument that highlights the main points. A good ending should prompt the audience to go through your paper again to absorb sections they skimmed. The ending should address an audience who is looking for a reason to care about your paper. Why do you think your essay is relevant to them? Since this is the last section of your paper, they will read, using it to give purpose creates a hook onto which future discussions can hinge. Jot down the important points of your paper long before starting. It will help you stay focused when writing. In addition to this, the outline will give you a clear picture of the important points that must go into your end. Not everything has to go into your ending. Don’t fill it up with every little detail you discussed in your paper. The goal is to address the article’s important ideas and won’t stray to the extent of introducing new arguments that were not handled in the write up in the first place. In essence, the end should echo the introduction that cajoled the reader into looking into your writing. Look at the questions you raised or promises you made when starting and tell us how your paper addressed them. Your work here is to remind the audience how you met your intent and move them towards reflecting on the important aspects of the essay. A good example is working on an essay whose introduction touched on how social media makes physical meetings between friends less frequent. Your conclusion has to touch on this again, explaining how your paper found it to be true or false, and its impacts on society. For instance, you could reveal that even though physical interactions are less, people can be friends with more people than before. Going the extra step gives your conclusion the power, to sum up, the arguments you presented in the essay while also driving more of your findings home. A reasonable conclusion gives a practical application of the facts addressed in the piece. It is a way to provide all the research and data you presented purpose. Such a move gives the essay memorability hence giving the reader a reason to care about what you were talking about. You can use a simple empirical result, for instance, how two opposing parties came together to meet a common goal to highlight how even the most enthusiastic antagonists can always find common ground for the better good. In a glance, your plan should focus on:
  • Finding a way to address the ‘So What?’ question from the reader
  • Identifying the main thoughts in your essays
  • Thinking of your ending
  • Summarize main points in your article
  • Avoid adding new content to your ending
  • Keep the attention on your main idea of the piece.
Introducing Your Conclusion with a Transition Using a transition phrase or word is an excellent way to signify that it is time to finish the piece. Sometimes, it is evident to the reader if you have completed all the arguments, and it is the last paragraph of the essay. Most modern writers rarely use transitions. You can copy them or choose to use a transition. If you decide to use one, avoid apparent phrases like ‘to sum it up’ or ‘in conclusion.’ A handy trick to penning the excellent ending is by picking the topic sentences of your important paragraphs in the paper. If you have mastered the art of creating topic sentences, chances are these will have the points you want to reinforce in your bottom line. Don’t copy and paste. Remember to reword them in a captivating way as the reader won’t be amused to read sentences they have already encountered before. Top Tips to Remember When Writing the Conclusion So far, you have the basics needed to do a proper concluding paragraph for your essay. Here are some extra points you could you to make the very last paragraph or paragraphs of your article more captivating.
  • Conclusions have to be just the right length. There are no hard rules on how long or how short the paragraph should be. However, our research has shown that five to seven sentences are enough. Anything quicker than this might not cover crucial points in the paper. More extended conclusions will digress and end up annoying the reader
  • The paragraph should be authoritative and convincing. If you have a solid argument backed by facts, there is no point in being timid and apologizing for your ending. Don’t use words like ‘I believe.’ If your paper is well done, you have already earned an authoritative conclusion
  • Papers with thesis statements will benefit from a reintroduction of the thesis. Naturally, the argument if the focal point of such an essay. Talking about it and telling us how you proved it is an excellent way to finish up the assignment
  • Look for a creative way to voice your thesis again instead of just copying what you had at the start of the essay. The new wording will make your writing more inspired and give you a chance to leave a lasting impression on the audience’s mind
  • Don’t degrade your qualifications. Some people go with statements like ‘I might not be a professor in..’ Such statements will make you less credible as the reader will leave the essay with the notion that you were not experienced enough to write something trustworthy. Let them decide your credibility on their own
  • The last words of the conclusion carry the weight. They can make or break your essay. Don’t turn them into a tirade of fluff. Look for punchy authoritative words that keep the people reading your essay focused on the topics perhaps leave them with questions they will ponder over as they internalize your writing.
You Can Be Ironic or Rhetorical Using stylistic devices in your conclusion could also give it some character. It is a good idea, especially if it is a literature piece or light-hearted topics. You can use irony or even humor to identify with the audience and leave them with something related to remembering. Serious papers can make do with a rhetorical ending that prompts the audience to think through everything and draw their findings in addition to what you point out. Either way, the bottom line should prompt the readers to take action. It is a good way not only to drive points home but also to ensure that your essay installs change. How to End Your Essay With a Quote A quote from within your essay or even from a secondary scholar could be an excellent way to end some articles. You can tap into respected scholars and channel their accomplishments by showing how your writing resonates with their ideas.
  • Quoting your professor gives you a primary source while channeling accepted authorities or leaders gives you secondary quotes
  • Well-placed quotes will make your piece more engaging and also give means to drive points home. For instance, a quote from a well-known scholar will resonate with readers and open them up to your conclusion since they can now relate it to something you already know
  • Quoting academics who are well-known champions in your topics or those who wrote whatever you are reviewing gives you more credibility – especially if your conclusion concurs with them. Don’t forget to add your own words to back up the quote. It will otherwise overshadow your writing.
How to Conclude an Informative Essay Informative essays, too, need firm conclusions. They give something memorable to the reader, as it is the last information the audience will absorb. Once again, your goal will be summarizing the main points you handled in the entire essay. Don’t forget that the paragraph should not be a mere copy paste job. You have to rephrase, interpret, and lend your own informed opinions to the paragraph. A good way to achieve this is by answering a question like ‘What is the most important take away on this topic?’ Emphasizing such a takeaway in your conclusion will be a win. In essence, the audience should go away with the important points in mind even if they just read your introduction and skip straight to the conclusion. Don’t get derailed and start arguing out your points in the ending. You might end up introducing new ideas and won’t have time to address them sufficiently. Remember that the conclusion is only a couple of sentences, and you can only handle so much with so few words at your disposal. Writing a Conclusion for an Analytical Essay Most analytical essays address the majority of their information within distinct sections long before concluding. It doesn’t mean that an ending is unnecessary in such a setting. You still need a paragraph that:
  • Summarizes the important points you have in your essay
  • Summarizes your interpretations of the topics and the findings you got from your research
  • The last sentence that sums everything up using a quote, rhetoric or your analytical composition
When penning the conclusion, ensure that it is unique enough not to be a copy of what you said before. Shoddy paraphrasing that lends no value will be easy to identify. You don’t want to make the readers feel like they are going through a bland section of the essay full of information they have already encountered. You want them to feel like you have aggregated important points in a concise easy to remember the paragraph. A reasonable ending shouldn’t be hard to write if you practice often. The worst thing you can do is turn in your essay without trying to put one in. You will get better at it with time as long as you keep practicing. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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(How to End an Composition With a Bang Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words, n.d.)
How to End an Composition With a Bang Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words.
(How to End an Composition With a Bang Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words)
How to End an Composition With a Bang Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
“How to End an Composition With a Bang Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words”.
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