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Evaluation for the English 1100 Reading Materials - Essay Example

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The writings will be compared on their sources, reliability, organization and presentation. I will also give my personal opinions on their suitability for the class.
Two of…
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Evaluation for the English 1100 Reading Materials
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Download file to see previous pages e sentence would make anybody who has studied world history remember Adolf Hitler, the man behind the holocaust, and the horror his regime had brought to the world. People would also be curious about “Rooftop fish farms”, the title of the other article because everyone knows farms are created on the ground and not elevated. Curiously, the articles are only similar because of their interesting titles and the fact that they are both essays. Their organization, development and reliability are different.
Clearly, one of the articles can be considered reliable and accurate. The article about security in Germany and neo-Nazis was written by Katya Adler and appeared on the website of BBC News. Since news companies are supposed to carry pertinent information around the world to readers, it can be said that the story came from a credible source. BBC News is well-known in the field of journalism and has established itself as a trustworthy source of information. Meanwhile, Katya Adler is a British journalist who has been with BBC from 1996. (Katya) On the other hand, the other article about rooftop fish farms does not include any writer or source. There is only a date above the title.
In organization, the two articles are also dissimilar. The BBC news item starts off by saying that police in Germany are looking to arrest far-right fugitives and the state is moving to stop the far-right National Democratic Party (NDP). Supposedly, three people had made a video recording where they “boasted of the killings... describing themselves as the National Socialist Underground- echoing the national socialism (Nazism) of Hitler’s Germany.” (Adler) These people were not discovered until late November of 2012 but the killings had happened from 2000 to 2007. The news article was only a page long and was simply written.
An essay usually has one main idea, found in the first paragraph, which controls all the ideas in the essay. In explaining this idea, the different supporting ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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