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Evaluation of the English File Intermediate - Essay Example

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Evaluation is normally done either prior to the use of the course book in order to decide whether the book can be prescribed for a specific course. Secondly, a course book can also be evaluated while the book is in use. This will help in identifying whether the book has been satisfactory or not. …
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Evaluation of the English File Intermediate
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Extract of sample "Evaluation of the English File Intermediate"

Download file to see previous pages Based on the framework suggested by Cunningsworth, the guide line one will address the aims and objectives of the course work. The Aims and Objectives of the course work are normally set and that would decide on the kind of course book that one might use for the course. Course books better be servants than masters, says Cunningsworth. More in line with this, the choice of the course book will depend on the nature of the students, the level their currently in and they would like to achieve in addition to their learning capabilities. These points need to be considered before laying out the course contents and, subsequently, the course book. Some books might not present the aims and objectives explicitly. But then, there is an implicit referral to the content of the book and the nature of audience for whom the same is addressed. In line with this, most books need to be analyzed as to the aims and objectives of the book and whether the book meets up to the level expected out of it. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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