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The Most Effective Ways of Writing an in English - Essay Example

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An author of this essay aims to investigate the three most effective ways of writing essays in English. With an attractive introduction, detailed body paragraphs bridging with one another and a conclusion highlighting the main points forms an effective, interesting essay. …
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The Most Effective Ways of Writing an Essay in English
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Extract of sample "The Most Effective Ways of Writing an in English"

The Three most Effective Ways of Writing an Essay in English
Essay writing is a journey that tries to explain and answer questions about a person's thoughts. It forms a continuous structured, paragraphed paper that defines an area of writing, claims (Cottrell, 2008). In his work The Study Skills Handbook, Cottrell found out that the three most effective ways, of writing an English, essay involves “the use of three basic parts” (page 182). This essay will, for this reason, look at the three most effective ways of writing an essay in English.
Having established what an essay English paper is, this essay will now consider one of the three basic parts, the introduction. The essay introduction of any paper has to get control of the reader's thoughts. For one to achieve these, stylistic conventions such as proverbs, real or fake interesting incident, surprising information and curiosity questions are used (page 202). Cottrell (2008) explains that the introduction has three main purposes. A statement describing the idea of the essay is made to establish the scope of the essay from a general to a more specific subtopic. Questions such as why, when, where, why and how to focus on the overall question that is the thesis statement (page 204). Addressing these major question, calls for a clear and specific statement made near the end of the introductory paragraph (Greetham, 2008). With this, the introduction will give a picture of the major points yet to be discussed that will possess the reader’s attention.
In addition to a good introduction, the body forms the content address to the title (Cottrell, 2008). The discussion is organized and presented in at least three body paragraphs according to the number of topics chosen. “Each body paragraph forms its main idea” (page192). The body paragraphs have three main sections; the main point, the supporting statements, and the last statement relating to the next paragraph. The main point connects with the central purpose of the essay. For any effective essay, the body paragraph will often start with a topic sentence. The topic sentence forms the summary of the paragraph which reflects on the main statement summarizing the whole essay. Though the topic sentence comes after the body paragraph introduction, the topic sentence may come first (Greetham, 2008). Providing the supporting explanations, evidence, and examples make the most interesting part of the body paragraph (page 142). Greetham (2008) describes that explanations have to take formal argument considering that evidence and examples to be factual information that is research-based analytical and argumentative power, a good command of facts, “evidence or arguments relevant to the questions, and an ability to organize the answer with clarity, insight and sensitivity” (page 10). For this reason, referencing the sources of information is equally important. Finally, the last statement in the body paragraph relating to the next paragraph forms a bridge to the next. Cottrell (2008) established that the body takes most of the essay yet it should have three sentences depending on the writer’s decision (page 184).
In order, to summarize, the Body paragraphs, and the essay’s introduction (Greetham, 2008) states that the conclusion should answer the “ thesis statement” (page 177). Meaningful conclusion should be drawn from the essay findings if the conclusion summarizes the main points to create interesting parts in the body paragraph findings. In the book, How to Write Better Essays, Greetham describes that good conclusions increase their strength by “provoking thoughts and wrapping up” the main points (page 214). The remaining part expands out, giving the reader an idea of the importance, possible conclusions and confirms the writer’s interests.
This essay has shown the three most effective ways of writing an English essay. With an attractive introduction, detailed body paragraphs bridging with one another and a conclusion highlighting the main points forms an effective, interesting essay.
Cottrell, S. (2008). The Study Skills Handbook. 3rd Edition. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.
Greetham, B. (2001). How to Write Better Essays. 2nd Edition. Basingstoke: Palgrave England. Read More
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