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During the beginning of the English 1A class, I was ready but somewhat nervous concerning the class because I am an ESL student implying that I required more time than the 4.5 months allocated to this particular class. As the class started, I was assigned six essays that…
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Cover letter (business letter format or block style)
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(sender) Address (recipient) Address Dear (Recipient During the beginning of the English 1A I was ready but somewhat nervous concerning the class because I am an ESL student implying that I required more time than the 4.5 months allocated to this particular class. As the class started, I was assigned six essays that included grammar tests, several drafts, summaries, and response essays, which seemed too much for me since I required ample time to deliver a good final draft. The instructor has a unique way of teaching as she dedicates her time to dealing with individual students in her English class with special attention to the ESL students. Besides that, my tutor advised me to look for additional help through the reading and writing centers. Following this class, I can now review the overall effort that I have put throughout the learning period.
I learnt the most from analyzing a friend’s essay entitled, “Food Stamp and Millions People Rely on” in several ways. Since it was my first time to encounter this type of an essay, I had to undertake significant research on the topic and post my work in the class forum. However, I made several mistakes such as providing personal opinion instead of analyzing the content. In addition, my mind opened up when we were learning about ethos, pathos and logos as I am now able to identify different types of appeals and understand an article’s deeper meaning.
One of my easiest essays was “Forgiveness and Generosity”. The main reason why I found the essay easy was the fact that it was a reflective essay where I had the permission to give my experiences, which is one of the easiest things for me to do. This is because most of the information incorporated my own life events and it is considerably easy for me to remember it. In addition, I did not have to apply many writing skills.
One of the essays that I struggled most to complete was titled, “Effects of Tsunami on Japan’s Economy”. I was not conversant with citations but my instructor showed me how to use a simplified website that generates automatic citations easily. I still made the mistake of not arranging the citations in alphabetical order. I had to read very many sources, which was tedious. I had difficulties when writing the outline and my essay had many grammatical mistakes. However, my tutor rendered her assistance on how to fix most mistakes and my final draft had improved substantially as there were fewer mistakes.

Through reading many articles, I was able to learn many words that I can now apply easily in my essays. I also learnt several writing skills from the book “Grammar and Beyond” by ABC and “Writing:A Guild for College and Beyond” by Lester Faigley. As an ESL, I have the opportunity to learn further through writing numerous drafts, as it is easier for me to find errors and fix them. I am hoping to take a higher challenge in the English 1B class so that I can improve on my grade by the end of the semester.
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