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Effect of Teaching Style on Students Scores - Essay Example

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This research study “Effect of Teaching Style on Students Scores” explores the effect of teaching styles on students’ scores using different assessment tools. A study of first year medical students’ examination results is used…
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Effect of Teaching Style on Students Scores
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Download file to see previous pages The results revealed no significant changes between the two groups of students when using the ANOVA but depicted elevated levels in 2009 using the MRT. The PCC test revealed some positive correlation between the sampled assessment test scores. Therefore the study demonstrates that teaching styles are correlated to the final scores among students hence innovative teaching style has a favorable consequence among the learners’. Conventional teaching techniques are increasing being viewed as deficient in terms of upholding extensive scholarship and lasting preservation of essential educational concepts. Additionally, these teaching processes are alleged of encouraging quiescent rather than active interactive scholarship (Meyers & Jones, 1993). The advent of sophisticated ICT learning tools has compelled hitherto conservative educationalists to adopt modern methods of teaching especially in the scientific fields of study of science, mathematics, engineering, and technology education. Considerable research has proven the wisdom of assimilating these innovative techniques, as growth have been demonstrated in the education milieu particularly in adult education (Hein & Irvine, 2004). Kolb (1985) in his pragmatic learning cycle claimed that a learner undergoes various stages of knowledge sequence; whereby there is a certain foremost useful stage that is conducive to instruction and understanding. DePorter (1992) further observed that perceived disparities in a student learning style are often caused by ‘a conflict. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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