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Speech - Essay Example

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Answer all the questions in complete sentences in your own words. I will not accept answers copied directly from textbook. All of the questions are taken from the class-notes or articles handed out in class.
1. You and 2 classmates meet for coffee in the Sawyer Caf' at 8:30 am on a Monday before your 9:30 am speech class…
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Extract of sample "Speech"

Download file to see previous pages The three of you spend the first several minutes discussing what you did over the weekend. You all laugh over the exploits of classmate #1, who spent all night Friday and Saturday at several nightclubs. You and classmate #2 take your work out and place it on the table. Classmate #1 does not have any work completed and explains that with finals and the beginning of a head-cold, there just was not enough time. You get angry and frustrated; after all, you spent all weekend in your dorm working on this project. You look across the table at classmate #1 who is sitting with arms crossed, glaring at you.
I want Classmate #1 to understand that he has not been fair, having spent the weekend nights at clubs while I and Classmate #2 had to forego a lot of things just to be able to work on the group project. After all, the project is supposed to be the result of all our efforts. The three of us would be getting equal credit based on the overall quality of the project that we will submit. I will convey my displeasure by knocking some sense into his head. I will not be affected by his defiant stance and I will go ahead to tell him that he has no right to glare at me with his arms crossed for he is the one who has wronged me and Classmate #2. I will talk in a calm but firm manner, and will unflinchingly look at Classmate #1 straight in the eye. This way, I will show him that I am not intimidated by his purported stance. I will further drive home the point that he has to shape up and make up for his lack of output so far by having the biggest share of work to be done before Wednesday.
B. Using the example above, describe each component of the Speech Communication Process.
a. The speaker is a college student who is enrolled in a speech class. Filled with anger and frustration about the receiver's irresponsible ways, the speaker earnestly tries to make the receiver comprehend the message that he wants to bring across.
b. The receiver is one of the speaker's classmates in the speech class. Together with yet another classmate, the three of them formed a group for the completion of a certain project due in class. The receiver is the co-member who seemed to have no intention of contributing anything to their group project. Instead of being apologetic, this receiver takes on a defiant stance when he sees the speaker's reaction to his having done no part of his individual work during the weekend.

c. The message is centered on their urgent need to finish their group project before the deadline. It pertains to the prevailing situation of the three-member group. The speaker means to convey the importance of fairness and of getting credit only when deserved.
d. The channels include the speaker's initially angry and frustrated reaction, and his calm and firm manners of the speaker. It also covers the clarity of the speaker's message.
2. How can you control you ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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