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Brand Personality - Personal Statement Example

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This is a Master marketing dissertation. At this moment, I study and got the idea for my topic, which will be two. First choice, the impact of brand personality on consumer purchasing behaviours. Study in electronic industry. The second choice, consumer attitude toward innovative brand…
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Brand Personality
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Extract of sample "Brand Personality"

Download file to see previous pages I need the first two chapters to review in three days, with journal reference. It is because, I make sure we do the right direction and we can discuss for the further. This will convenience for cooperate. Then keep going to develop the other. Of course, I need what topic you are going to do immediately. Pls, do not use too old journal except the original theory.
In the first choice, I mainly study in how does brand personality affecting the purchasing intention or focus on the buying intention of consumer behaviour and attitude. All this idea is come from the journal Franz- Rudolf Esch and Tobias Langner 2006, "Are Brand forever How brand knowledge and relationships affect current and future purchases." Traci H. Freling and Lukas P. Forbes 2005, " An examination of brand personality through methodological triangulation, Traci H. Freling and Lukas P. Forbes 2005, "An empirical analysis of the brand personality effect" and Ulrich R.Orth and Renata De Marchi 2007, "Understanding the relationships between functional, symbolic, and experiential brand beliefs, product experiential attributes, and product schema: Advertising - trial interactions revisited." Refer to the attachment. In addition, it needs to explain why I use the digital or electric product to test it. It should needs to do one more same product category to compare with it, or to test with different category.
For the structure of the dissertation, I need t...
d 1.2 the research context, 1.3 Objectives and Research question, 1.4 Motivation for the research, 1.5 Significance of the research, 1.6 Structure of the dissertation. It would be around 1000 words. In this chapter, I need strongly to point out why I go to do this project and what is the significance of this project by using the present theory or have theoretical/conceptual background. The most important thing is point out the gap in this paper. This is an argument dissertation. For the Hypothesis setting, it should be use the basics of Multi regression to process only. e.g. co-efficiency analysis, simple regression model or more complex regression model. Refer to the attachment. There is only we can use in this stage. In the objective and research question, the clearly flow chart to represent the relationship is required.
In the chapter two, the literature review, the format would be 2.1 Introduction. so onand the last one must have the summary or conclusion. In addition, they MUST have relationship and should relate to the topicit need systematically to develop it. I need the clearly flow chart to represent the relationship. And Why THOSE LITERATURES are related Words requirement around 3000.
Chapter 3 of the methodology. I need the very simple and easy to understand for measure of the personality of buyer intent. (Deductive research) Just a simple, clear and logic step by step to measure (very common method for this measurement will be ok; of course it SHOULD BE the right method for this topic as we all know many method for different topic of different measurement). It will require such like 3.1 introductions, 3.2. research design, 3.3 data collects tools - Questionnaire/ interview, 3.4 data analysis and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Brand personality

...; at the same time, it helps in generating revenue, thus brands can be regarded as investment. In return, brands need to payback certain amount of revenue to their owner. Brand Personality is a collection of human features connected with a specific brand (Aaker & Biel, 1993). A brand can easily come across the notice of the customer if the advertisement is done with known celebrities or with the help of certain well known figures of historic moment. Brand personality is often questionable in terms of scale and at times is answerable in theoretical conception based on nature. Once brands...
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... practitioners as far as brand marketing is concerned is therefore how to personify a brand. Kumar (2009) links brand personality to self-concept, and it is self-expression, rather than emotion, that more significantly develops brand personality (p. 177-178). Brand personality is achieved by associating human characteristics that consumers commonly attribute to a brand. The characteristic may be in terms of demographic attributes (age, gender, status), lifestyle (activities, social class), culture (values, beliefs), and other personality traits. The brand may be associated with celebrities or historical figures, and several devices may be used such as animism, anthropomorphism, personification, and user imagery (Purkayastha, 2009). A well...
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... and the company that presents the brand and also connects the target market with the product emotionally. A good brand also motivates buyers and gives them more reasons to identify with the product has made specifically for them. Wanting cannot be done in isolation without understanding the needs and desires of the customers. A brand should therefore integrate the emotions and desires of potential clients with the identity of the product to increase the magnitude of the product (Schiffman et al, 2011). Brand PersonalityBrand personality is described as a set of human features that can be identified in a product, good or service that is available in the market; it is a feature that customers and potential clients can easily relate...
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Brand Personality Characteristics

...and development organization in Australia. It works to provide more and more people with a sustainable livelihood, access to social services, an effective voice in decisions, safety from conflict and disaster, and equal rights and status. 2.0) Literature Review: 2.1) Jennifer Aaker defined brand personality as "the set of human characteristics associated with a brand" (347). Aaker argued that substantial amount of research on personality dimensions had been done earlier in personality psychology to conceptualize human personality, but similar parallel research on brand personality was non existent, in...
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A strategic plan and a brand management strategy are therefore essential for the ideal solution. YNR (Young and Restless) is one such company that needs positive brand management and the following methods are proposed for their strategic initiative.

The company is targeting young well-heeled clients who are spread across Europe and America. Plans are being made for expansion into Asian countries like India and China but the company wants to establish itself as a competitive brand before it undertakes any expansion. As the name implies, the target market is the young and the Restless for which clothing becomes a part of their own identity as much as their music, culture, and lifestyle. Expansion into a foreign market is...
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Marketing and Brand Management: UK Coffee Industry

As the 2005 sales of instant coffee indicate, the sub-sector is further divided between regular, premium freeze-dried, decaffeinated, specialty, super-premium, powder, and economy or flavored coffee. Among these sub-categories, specialty coffee exhibited the highest growth rates overall. The dominance of instant coffee is attributed to a combination of aggressive marketing and branding campaigns by brand manufacturers, as well as the price consciousness and brand loyalty characteristic of coffee drinkers. However, instant coffee growth rates lag behind ground and roast, increasing only by 11.1% from 2003-2005, compared to 13.6% for the latter, which can be attributed to the development of new pod technologies and the decreasing pr...
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Brand Personality Creation and Promotion

Sales promotion includes such activities as setting up store displays, holding Trade Shows, and distributing samples, premiums, and coupons. There are several factors that point to the need for promotion today. In the first place, as the distance between producers and consumers increases and the number of potential customers grows, the problem of market communication becomes significant.
There are Five different methods which are adopted for promotion, that are (1) Public Relations (2) Advertising (3) Publicity (4) Sales Promotion (5) Personal selling. The decision of the Promotional mix is related to budget availability for funds promotion, nature of the market and the product and the stage of the product life cycle.
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Motivation, Personality and Attitudes

Motivation is one of the most frequently researched topics in organizational behavior. Motivation can be defined as “the processes that account for an individual’s intensity, direction, and persistence of effort toward attaining a goal”Motivated individuals stay with a task long enough to achieve their goal. Process of Motivation start from Needs (desires or wants), Drive / goal directed behavior, Goal and incentives / reliefs. Basically if individuals need for achievement, need for power and need for affiliation fulfills, then a person may be motivated and persistently work to achieve the goals (McClelland, 1961). Persons will be motivated enough to exert a high level of effort and goal directed behavior if he o...
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Psychopathology Personality Disorders

The actions are mostly legal. Others may find these moves baffling. The persons do not realize that they have their own role in the conflict. They often work in isolation and have cold relationships with others. Saddam Hussein was a dictator. He often punished those he thought offended in an unjustifiable manner for which he was anyway hanged in the end. He was insular and projected his own hostilities onto others. He failed to recognize his own role in creating foes.

Borderline personality disorder can be narrated by describing the personality of Princess Diana, Princess of Wales. This was elaborated in the biography of Diana by biographer and journalist Sally Bedell Smith. Borderline personality is most commonly seen...
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Description of Two Established Personality Assessment Tools: Discussion of Strengths and Weaknesses

The Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) was developed in the 1930s by Harvard University psychiatrist Henry A. Murray and university student Christiana Morgan in the pursuit of identifying personality characteristics and unconscious human desires (Bosshardt, 2004). TAT assessments generally consist of 31 different cards in which varying ambiguous illustrations and photos are displayed, asking participants to respond to their interpretations of what is occurring within each visual image. Internal conflicts or motivational desires are generally projected by participants who are exposed to TAT assessments, allowing psychologists to determine the personality constructs of individuals.

The Sensation Seeking Scale (SSS) was deve...
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Strategic Alliances in the Automobile Industry - Their Impact on Brand Value

The linkage may or may not result in setting up a separate legal entity such as a joint venture.

Firms set up strategic alliances in order to gain competitive advantage and may prefer it over outright acquisition because they are unable to for lack of financing or by reason of national barriers. Hill (2001) noted that one of the advantages of a strategic alliance is that it enables a firm to gain access to a foreign market. Another reason is that it allows firms to share in the fixed costs as well as the associated risks of developing new products and processes, as the required investment and the level of risk may be too huge for one company to undertake. A third reason is that it can bring together the skills and asse...
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Sri Lankan Airlines Brand

Sri Lankan Airlines utilizes different functions of marketing communications. These include advertising, public relations, sponsorships, sales promotion and direct marketing in its marketing communications efforts.

With the advertising function, the company utilizes traditional media such as television and radio spots, as well as a non-traditional medium such as the internet ( 2007). The campaign ‘Home Away from Home’ is developed by Grant McCann (, 2007) and communicates through the medium “the idea of staying at home and traveling the world (, 2007 August).

Public relations is another medium the company utilizes in the form of events/publicity stunts a...
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Measuring Brand Equity

...of marketing activities in Higher Education 28 2. 5. 3 Summary and Conclusions From the Literature Review 34 3 Framework 36 3.1 Introduction 36 3.2 Brand Image and its dimensions 36 3.3 Rational Image-Cognitive Dimension 37 3.3.1 Emotional Image - Brand Personality 41 3.4 The Latent Variable Brand Image 45 3.5 Brand Preference and Purchase Intention 46 3.6 Pre-Test the Framework on Secondary Data 47 3.6.1 Content Analysis – Test of the Framework with Secondary Data 47 3.7 Conclusion on the Framework and Hypothesis 53 4 Research Methodology 56 4.1 Research Design 56 4.1.1 Types of research 56 4.1.2 Criteria for a well-designed research project 59 4.2...
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Creating an Innovative Brand

Amidst attempts to impress customers in the fashion industry, designers and creative art professionals have exhausted all possible It is an innovative practice that gives customers the ultimate control to design and produce what they desire with the help of professionals, hence the justification for a fashion brand setup that allows customers to design clothing accessories such as vests, crop-tops, T-shirt, skirts, scarves, iPhone cases, bags, and sweaters printed shortly after approval. Evidently, the innovation technique has a wider range of products as compared to another innovation platform such as YrStore London. Furthermore, it creates a global network of professionals where people from the whole world can upload and share i...
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