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Observance 275 - Essay Example

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Stacey Winston Edu 275- 1901 Summary #1 Leitha Johnson Lil Lady's Daycare Some effective teaching strategies that I observed were integrating music into the daily routine and in extending toddler experiences into classroom lessons. The teacher used a cooperative "clean up" song to engage the children in cleaning up and used soothing music to calm children during nap time…
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Observance 275
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Extract of sample "Observance 275"

Download file to see previous pages She read the book The Hungry Caterpillar to them and talked about a butterfly's life cycle. Some ineffective strategies that I observed were during free choice center play time and during transitions. Free choice center play time seemed chaotic. Having less centers available at once or having guided activities taking place at a couple of the centers should improve this. Children also showed restlessness and misbehaved more often during times of transition. The teacher sat the children at the table or on the carpet during these times. If I were the teacher, I would engage the children in an activity to keep them engaged during these waiting periods.
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