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What are the key ethical issues relating to research in educational settings? There is a growing concern about increasing instance of ethical issue in educational research setting since 1970(Keeves,1988).Ethical approval is one of the key issues that needs to be taken care of right from the beginning of the research (Kervin et al.,2006).It is critical for researchers to get approval from respective authorities before moving forward in their research or data collection.Consent or approval is critical because of privacy concerns,in particular, when the research participants are children or people with sensitive backgrounds.For instance, ethical issues often arise when interviews are conducted w…
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Download file to see previous pages Once the research is done,researcher must ensure the safety of the information.In order to avoid ethical issues,researcher must comply with the ethical policies or guideline provided by the respective institution.For instance, Australian education departments provide their students with the ethical guidelines that are required to be strictly followed during any kind of research while working in schools.Researchers are also required to comply with university ethical acts when the research is part of degree completion(Kervin et al.,2006). Describe the steps in conducting a research inquiry, connect these to what they might look like for an educator conducting classroom based research. According to (Kervin et al.,2006),a research inquiry involves four major steps: topic selection;the literature review; literature critique; and research question or hypotheses formation. Topic Selection Selecting a topic for inquiry is a major task because all the proceeding steps depend on its validity and strength.Researcher must select a broad category of his or her own interest and then it must be narrowed down to as specific as it can.Researcher’s prior experiences, observations, and further research and inquiry leads to a strong and specific question in his or her area of study(Kervin et al.,2006) The Literature Review Literature review is the study of existing literature and research work done in the same area of study researcher has selected.In literature review ,researcher studies and analyses authentic primary and secondary sources,such as,books, journals, reports, and interviews.The main objective is to gather as much information and understanding as possible about the particular topic and move ahead with the research objective in mind.The new research has the potential to confirm the findings; disapprove with results or methodology;fill the gaps; and further diversify the existing research.Literature review provides the foundation of a strong research(Kervin et al.,2006) Critiquing the Literature Once the researcher studies and analyses the primary and secondary sources for the literature review,he must take points and write every idea in a precise paragraph with valid arguments.Researcher must focus on his or her area of study by documenting particular examples or observations in the class(Kervin et al.,2006). Research Question or Hypothesis Defining research question or hypothesis is the integral part of research study because research proceeds on it.The question must be clear either general or specific.It is because a clearly defined and specific question leads to a better research plan;helps in quality data collection; gain solid knowledge;and lesser change of errors(Kervin et al.,2006). What are two differences between qualitative and quantitative research designs? Provide examples where appropriate. The major difference in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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