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Ethics of Online Learning with Pros & Cons - Research Paper Example

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Ethics of online learning Name: University: Abstract: Online learning is the new education that is sweeping the educational industry by storm. No longer are students, traditional and non-traditional, flocking college campuses in droves for a prestigious education…
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Ethics of Online Learning with Pros & Cons
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Extract of sample "Ethics of Online Learning with Pros & Cons"

Download file to see previous pages Online education refers to a system of education whereby the learner is autonomous in learning and is separated from the instructor by time and space. The history of online education stems from the growth of modern communication technologies such as the internet that have enabled the students to learn at their pace (Bill & Mary, 2007, p 122). The topic is important since online education presents certain ethical challenges that may hinder the quality of education. The topic is essential in my career as a mathematics teacher since students expect educational content that will enable them meet their learning objectives (Bill & Mary, 2007, p126). In addition, learners need more explanation on complex mathematical models and techniques in order to effectively solve mathematical problems (Browne, 2010, p 247). Accordingly, skills in mathematics improve the cognitive and analytical capabilities of the learner thus leading to succeed in the workplace. The topic interests me because numerous multinational companies have complained about the low analytical and mathematical skills of graduates in the labor market. Accordingly, the education policies must promote equity of access, quality and diversity of choice of the mode of study (Bill & Mary, 2007, p 135). ...
It is also referred as e-learning, web-based learning and computer-based learning due to the use of web technologies and computing in delivering knowledge and skills to the learners (Smith, 1996, p 25). It entails the use of telecommunication technology and computing in delivering and receiving of the course content materials. This type of education relies on videoconferencing and internet in ensuring that students receive the digital content (Browne, 2010, p 250). Course materials can be provided through different online medium such as e-mails, bulletin, online videos, discussion forums and chat rooms. Online learning can take place in the workplace, home, online access points or at a public library. For the past few years, the number of online learners has grown substantially that traditional higher education enrollment due to the high internet access and flexibility of online learning. Since 2003, online enrollments have grown by more than 400 percent. According to latest statistics, about 6.7 million students are enrolled to a least one online course in the United States. About 32 percent of the US higher education students have participated in online education while 65 percent of the higher education institutions have implemented online learning programs (Browne, 2010, p 257). Accordingly, the 21 percent annual growth in online learning enrollments has by far exceed the just 2 percent growth in traditional classroom enrollments in higher education (Haughey, 2007, p 141). About two-thirds of higher education institutions regard online learning as part of their long-term strategy in increasing the access, flexibility and quality of education. Despite the ethical challenges, about 70 percent of the educators rate online education outcomes either ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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