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Web-based training - Essay Example

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The world is discovering a new instructional tool, the Internet, which defies geographical, financial, and time boundaries.Member firms of the trade association worldwide are employing the World Wide Web to give employers, employees, and those wishing to gain knowledge more opportunities to learn…
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Web-based training
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Download file to see previous pages The world is discovering a new instructional tool, the Internet, which defies geographical, financial, and time boundaries.Member firms of the trade association worldwide are employing the World Wide Web to give employers, employees, and those wishing to gain knowledge more opportunities to learn. Web-based training and instruction strategies employ the Internet in delivering instructional information. A current training method can be supported by web-based instruction can support an existing teaching method or computer-based instructional methods can be used instead of the existing method of training. These act as an extension of businesses, firms, and industries in providing learning opportunities to various individuals such staff members and employees.Training via web-based instructional intervention and information literacy allows users to learn at their convenience as the Internet allows learning, instructing, and training to go on regardless of location and time. The instruction is not limited to an office, conference room, or classroom at a set hour. Users work according to their learning style and pace. Traditional training and additional education usually causes users to work at the pace of others and various learning styles cannot be accommodated. Learning may be hindered. Additional advantages are online education provides more affordability, flexibility, and options. Also, opportunities for learning, growth, and increased jobs are also a plus with training via technology.
There is much literature on the topic of transferring the skills to those who are being trained. The goal of empowering employees, staff members, and students to use resources without assistance can be achieved in a number of ways. Some of these different avenues include learning via general tours, special group sessions, online tutorials, semester-long courses, office training sessions, company training opportunities, or a combination of these.

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To evaluate and gain a better understanding of web-based instructional (training) intervention and information technology and to determine the feasibility of delivering online training for a trade association or a similar organization

Literature Review

New technologies throw open possibilities of doing old things in a new way. This has happened in the provision of many services. "Education has not lagged behind in adopting the new technology in its service. It has welcomed the new Internet technology with open arms, and on its part, the Web has more votaries at its shrine than that of any other computer innovation," reports McCormack and Jones (1998, p. xi.). Knowledge provided traditionally by trainers and instructors is now accomplished via the Internet, computer-based training, and various methods delivered by technology. These delivery methods are now being used with traditional training and/or in place of the standard ways of learning and training.

The use of the World Wide Web (WWW) as an instructional tool is gaining momentum as companies and businesses resort to it as a useful tool in the armoury of their professional devices. Students, professionals, and workers also use it in learning and training. Strategies that employ the Web as the repository for instructional information are known as Web- Based Instruction (WBI). Web-Based Instruction via information technology can support an existing teaching method or be used as a replacement, but according to McCormack and Jones, the former is currently the most common (p. 2).

Web-Based Instruction (or training) can also provide tools and services that offer an extension of what teachers, parents, and other individuals try to teach and instill in their students, employees, and others. There are many websites that offer this service. One such example can be found at Intervention Central (2006), found at this website, provides an ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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