An Analysis of Corporate Social Responsibility Activities in Turkish Companies: A Qualitative Study - Dissertation Example

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Given the significance of corporate social responsibility, this study examined the activities and practices of Turkish companies in relation to CSR by conducting interviews among a number of their managers and employees. …
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An Analysis of Corporate Social Responsibility Activities in Turkish Companies: A Qualitative Study
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Download file to see previous pages Over the years, corporate social responsibility (CSR) has gained increasing attention from practitioners and scholars alike. The programs intended to demonstrate corporate responsibility have led to significant findings, such as the belief that commitment towards CSR activities and communication can improve the perceptions of various stakeholders (Snider, Hill, and Martin 2003). Thus, lack of social responsibility may lead to the weakening of stakeholder relationships. CSR efforts that are characterized by global themes as well as execution tactics have emerged in the marketplace. Communication of CSR activities in Europe and non-Western countries has reportedly becoming similar to activities in the United States with which reporting and communication are frequently articulated (Joutsenvirta 2009). This suggests that CSR efforts, which proactively plan and implement programs that integrate social value with business activities and address problems perceived as part of an organisation’s social responsibility, have considerably improved. Therefore, the current trends and evidence highly support the planning, execution, and communication of CSR activities and programs.

Primarily, the social responsibility of organisations is to produce goods and services that are socially desirable. Furthermore, these companies have the social responsibility of adhering to ethical and legal standards that are viewed by the society as appropriate . (Smith 2003). This has been presented through a more comprehensive definition that described corporate citizenship as the extent to which firms take on the legal, ethical, economic, and discretionary responsibilities that their stakeholders oblige them to assume (Waldman, Siegel, and Javidan 2006). One of the most noteworthy aspects of CSR’s definition is the relevance attached to discretionary responsibilities that express the desire of the society to see companies become actively involved in the development and betterment of communities and perform beyond the expected standards (Wang and Chaudri ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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