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This essay describes conventionally, one of the challenging tasks related to the association between theory and research practice. In the present times, the evolution of numerous intermediaries between the research knowledge and its application has been apparent…
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Relationship between Theory and Application or Practice
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Download file to see previous pages It can be mentioned that the concepts related to the association between theory and practice has been the main focus among the psychologists and psychotherapists among others because it assists them to attain their respective research objectives. Although, the term theory is not used much in the context of any researches but the principles guide the theories in order to enhance its applicability in various fields (Fook, 2002). A theory is considered to be a representation or a collection of assumptions about a specific reality. Theories can either be explanatory or analytical. People tend to make use of the theories in order to anticipate the results of its actions and to make efficient decisions. Conversely, practice is considered to be an academic research which enhances any research methodology output. It can be affirmed that different theories have a tendency to guide or inform practice by offering direction for action as well as scope for decision making. In the context of psychotherapy, it is considered to be significant to be capable of intervening in the decision making process. In this similar context, it can be revealed that practice can also guide as well inform theory. The observant can gauge the action of others and hence offer feedback. Hence, it can be stated that there exists mutual association between theory and practice owing to the fact that an individual regularly tends to evaluate his/her own hypothesis and generates new meaning from previous experiences. Hence, on the basis of the above discussion, it can be stated that there needs to be a consistency between theory as well as practice. It is well identified that when the action of a person is aligned with his/her intention, the consistency is generally known as ‘walking your talk’. A person acting in a manner being consistent with his/ her intentions can be viewed as possessing integrity, while failure to do so is generally viewed as hypocrisy (Granick, 2005). A theory is similar to the lens that assists a person in viewing experiences. The lens further tends to possess its focal strength along with the areas of misrepresentation. Identification of the relative strengths as well as shortcomings related to different theories has provoked the movement towards collective psychotherapies that summarizes multi-theoretical views. However, none of the theoretical views claim that theories as well as practices shall be aligned (Granick, 2005). One of the interesting facts related to theory and practice has been that they are at once both autonomous and inter-dependent. It can be observed that though the interests as well as the goals of the academics help in increasing the effectiveness, there lies genuine gap between theory and practice. It is argued that the communities tend to gain advantage from cross-fertilization of the people, work and ideas. It has been further identified that the gap arising between theoretical as well as practical views in the context of management learning has not been paid due attention from long period of time. Owing to the factors of increased globalization in businesses and the developments in technology, it has been viewed that there has been a major alteration in the social as well as in the economic environment which in turn forced the organizations all over the globe to make significant changes in their organizational purpose as well as structure.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Relationship Between Theory and Application or Practice Research Paper.
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