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Deontology is derived from the Greek words deon, deont for duty or right and proper; and is a school of thought that considers that the means to a goal justifies the end. On the other hand, the Greek…
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Analysis of several or an ethical system
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Download file to see previous pages According to deontological theory, “moral values and standards cannot be determined at any level of analysis by what would promote the best outcomes or states, assessed agent-neutrally” (Darwall: 1).
Thesis Statement: The purpose of this paper is to analyze the ethical system of Deontology. The historical development of Deontology, its parameters, and its characteristics will be determined. This ethical system will be applied to a Case Study.
Normative ethical theories are approaches derived from the disciplines of theology and philosophy. They serve as a framework to reflect on ethical issues. These philosophical approaches attempt to provide guides to appropriate human action. Three normative ethical theories have developed. Two of them focus on the actions a person performs and are referred to as action-based theories; these are deontological and teleological theories. The third theory differs from the first two since it emphasizes the character of a person and is referred to as virtue ethics (Schlabach: 186).
The Origin of the Term: In August 1814, the term deontology from the Greek deon meaning that which is proper, first appeared in the manuscript of Jeremy Bentham. Initially Bentham applied the theory of Deontology to the sphere of private ethics, which refers to those moral duties that are not lawfully imposed, making people do what they ought to do. It includes the several areas of private Ethics or morals, internal government and international law. A third Benthamite definition of “deontology”, which became the standard definition of the term for around one hundred years, and which may be termed the “etymological definition”, was the science of duty. It is the art and science based on doing the right and proper on each occassion (Louden: 574).
A fourth Benthamite definition of ‘deontology’, which combines different aspects of the preceding three, is a utilitarian theory of moral obligation. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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