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A Role in Improving the Quality of Life of People in the Society - Research Paper Example

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This paper evaluates the details of CSR in regards to the cultural context of the population. In developing policies of CSR, the company should take considerations of socio-cultural factors. Depending on where a company operates in, the needs of the public is influenced by the culture in the location…
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A Role in Improving the Quality of Life of People in the Society
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Extract of sample "A Role in Improving the Quality of Life of People in the Society"

Download file to see previous pages The community needs of countries vary from one to another; companies should consider the underlying need of the nation when determining which activity to run. CSR in a country depends on social priorities and the political and socio-cultural context. In addition, companies have the tendency of tackling the social problems that are currently prevailing in the community. In handling the problem, the company seeks to empower the community as a means of mutual coexistence. Generally, the social problems facing a community include health care need, education, and economic empowerment. In South Africa, the greatest social need is black people empowerment and the health provisions of people living with HIV and Aids. Solving environmental needs that might affect the community in the future is essential; and this could include prevention of soil erosion, prevention of water or air pollution by factories. For CSR to be sustainable, the economic, social and environment should all be considered without preference of one unless there is a dire need to do so (Crowther, Capaldi, 2008). Natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, or droughts are likely to be given a priority whenever companies are evaluating the activity to sponsor in their CSR programs. In Pakistan, the current need is to eradicate the effects of the recent floods through provisions of clean water and food, housing, and health care facilities. In addition, Pakistan companies’ policy in CSR is likely to be influenced by the above conditions. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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A Role in Improving the Quality of Life of People in the Society Research Paper.
“A Role in Improving the Quality of Life of People in the Society Research Paper”, n.d.
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