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Opportunity-Development Approach to Helping - Research Paper Example

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The paper “Opportunity-Development Approach to Helping” attempts to outline the issues in human services as well as attitudes for the people with human service’s needs. Human services are categorized into social services as well as mental services…
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Opportunity-Development Approach to Helping
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Extract of sample "Opportunity-Development Approach to Helping"

Download file to see previous pages There has also been a changing of attitudes over time and this has improved the conditions of the people with disabilities or human service needs. The paper attempts to outline the issues in human services as well as attitudes in for the people with human service’s needs.
 Human services are categorized into social services as well as mental services to people with special needs like disability and mentally retarded in the society. Human services involve offering services to people who require services like mental health services such as trauma, mental conditions, psychological issues and those that would like to change certain behaviors in their lives. Social services are mostly offered at the society level where many members in the society need assistance for basic needs to improve their quality life. Social services are mostly offered to the members who have developmental disabilities, the elderly, victims of drugs and crime and people who might be suffering from issues of immigration or refugees (Woodside 48).
 Professional services are offered to the needy people in the society as a result of developed centers which offers services to the needy people. Nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, and other homes for the needy serve as good places to offer professional services. Family service programs are some of the best services that are offered to the needy people as the family workers offer a positive and safe environment where the needy people can be comfortable in. cases, where the needy people are catered by the agencies adopted, serve as a favorable environment to needy people because they feel a sense of belonging (Egan 445).
 Mental health services are offered by specialists and professionals like psychologists who understand various mental needs of the patients and they have the skills for various needs. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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