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Concepts of Caring - Essay Example

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Caring Concepts of Caring November 30, 2012 Concepts of Caring Introduction Emma, a teenager who is 12 weeks pregnant has presented to the hospital with abdominal pain. The problem is that Emma does not want to receive care. What is the staff to do? Emma is suffering from pain and the nurses need to find out if the baby is doing well…
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Concepts of Caring
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Download file to see previous pages The staff must look at the use of their body language as well. According to (Justice, 2006) the staff must watch how they use body language and more importantly the way the voice is used. “These are known as linguistic, non-linguistic and paralinguistic communication skills. The staff must watch their tone, pitch, and loudness. The staff must also watch their body posture, proximity and facial expressions. All of these features are very necessary to make sure that the staff comprehends what is going on in the case.” The staff must show that you know what you are doing right from the start or you will not make any progress with the patient. In your immediate observation of the patient the staff will notice that she is highly anxious. The other subjective signs could be that she could be holding the abdominal area. Emma could also be crying or yelling out. The staff has to build a rapport and gain trust with the patient in order to gain the basic information you need to gain a diagnosis. The staff will need to feel confident in their decisions, for example if you would decide to call her parents about her location and her problem. The staff will have to decide about the issue of confidentiality and informed consent. Remember In the medical profession or any profession ‘Do No Harm’. Emma will need to be handled with care body, mind and soul. She needs to be told what to do to bring understanding of her physical and emotional health even if she doesn’t want to hear it. Psychological Theories In working with Emma the staff can use Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and go through the steps of the hierarchy for Emma’s case and it could look like this: 1. Physiological needs- To be able to address her complaints of abdominal pain and the health of her baby. 2. Safety needs- To keep her and her baby safe from hurting her due to her anxious feelings. 3. Belongingness and Love needs- She has a friend, but is not sure on who she wants to trust with what is happening to her. 4. Esteem needs- She may feel bad about herself for becoming pregnant, running away from home and what is happening to her at this moment. 5. Self-Actualization- The nurses can try to teach and tell her that it is not her fault that her parents separated, if that has happened. The nurse can also try to teach her that running away is not the answer to any problem. The nurse must try to talk to her about the abdominal pain she is feeling could mean. When she starts to calm down she will realize that it is just not her but her baby who needs her to care for herself. (Myers, 2004) In trying to help Emma the nurses will need to show empathy to her and maybe they can share with her some of what they may have gone through as a teenager. The staff can share some of the good and the bad choices that they may have made. The staff nurses may get Emma to talk about herself just enough to make her comfortable, so you can begin your assessment for example, about her family history. Let her know that she counts in this life and her baby’s life. This idea follows the Humanistic theory set by Maslow and Rogers. When continuing your physical assessment of Emma you can begin to notice things like how she communicates whether verbally or nonverbally. When she first entered the hospital she is very ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Concepts of Caring Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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