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Caring- Nel Noddings - Essay Example

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CARING- NEL NODDINGS Name Institution Date CARING- NEL NODDINGS Moral education is becoming a hot topic in the field of education. Individuals believe that caring is as easy as feeling empathy or sympathizing with another person. One’s innate self is thought to develop caring…
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Caring- Nel Noddings
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Extract of sample "Caring- Nel Noddings"

Download file to see previous pages These positive and negative things will have an impact on the child will become the intended person or not. Therefore, people want to “form beliefs and abilities required to continue going on with close relations and the desire to do so (Noddings, 2005, p. 21-22).” using Noddings’ four components including modeling, dialogue, practice, and confirmation in order to facilitate caring. The meaning of caring that emerges from the ethics include proficient standards, individual value, comprehending humankind continuance, understanding the meaning of norms, decisions, moral decisions, integrity, worth, people and colleagues in treatment. The extent of care is also pronounced in some good characters than others. In the case of decency or fairness, for example, that affection may not be readily apparent. With care, more than without any good values, its appreciation with passion is evident. When people care about each other, attending to each other’s needs, as a mother looks after a new baby, physicist cares for a patient or an instructor cares for a struggling apprentice, the link between love and ethics is supposed. Care is an attribute that is interchangeable with love. The lack of care, more than anything else brings out man to be insensitive. To care is to how humanity, to show love. Not to love is to create a boundary between oneself and one’s own heart, on the same not, being humane to both those next to you and far away from you not only improve your relationship, it can also prolong your life, this is according to research conducted by a group of researchers at the university of Purdue. The absence of care is destruction of personality. Care may seem to be weighty, but on the contrary is the force that gives life its balance, its booming nature and its validity. Caring is taking excellent care of all things that matter to us. It involve being a compassionate witness, and listening keenly to another and not jumping to conclusions. One shows that one cares with appropriate acts and kind words. When we do a job, we do it with our best effort. We are not insensitive to things that matter. We care deeply about the ethics we trust in. Caring can be said to be a sign of love. Should we care for others, then we are able to notice how they feel and attend to their needs. When we care about ourselves, we have nothing to offer others. Caring can as well be a gift from the heart. Caring for ideas and objects is different from caring for people and other living things. One cannot establish a bond with physics or a food processor. The cared- for cannot feel anything for us there is no significance in the second party. People instead describe a responsiveness for ideas and objects. We must consider the deepest sense of care as human beings. We care what will happen to us. We wonder whether there exists life just after death,or whether there is God who cares about us, whether those we love, love us back, whether we belong somewhere. We wonder what we will be in future, who we are right now, how much control we have over our fate. For an adolescent, these are among the most pressing issues: who am I? How do others see me? Who love me? How do others perceive me? though schools spend most of time doing mathematics and physics than in trying to answer these questions take an example of yourself most likely you are wondering what will I be tomorrow . ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Caring- Nel Noddings Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
“Caring- Nel Noddings Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words”, n.d.
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