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Different Purposes in Human Service in General - Research Paper Example

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This article discusses the problems associated with the term human services. There are many aspects to this problem. For instance, with the expanding world population, there are new demographics being created that must be included within the confines of human services for the term to be effective…
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Different Purposes in Human Service in General
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Download file to see previous pages The author wishes to redefine the term care. As the author sees it, the term “care” is too far to the peripheral of human society. The way to move it to a more central location would be to redefine the term care with an attitude more towards human interdependence. Without such a re-imagining of the conception, then the term will continue to be less effective than what it could be, and moral and political boundaries will not be able to be redefined in such a way to improve the quality of human life. The most interesting part of this chapter was in the way it states that the current conception of “care” only further serves to exclude along the basis of class, gender, and racial lines. The idea that care is not universal currently around the world serves to suggest that people only deserve care if live in a country which provides universal health coverage or if they can afford to pay for health coverage. This conception leads people to believe that people are less deserving than others to receive the care that they need. If people believe that others less fortunate than them do not deserve the same kind of care, then it is easier to choose not to help others receive the care they need. In this, it becomes such that people lose a sense of interconnectedness. What we need to be done is to make everyone understand how interconnected we really are to everything that is going on around the world. If embedded in the language that we use is the justification for this sort of exclusionary practice, then there is no way for us to make the necessary changes. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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