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This essay Social Worker Skills talks that social work is a profession committed to social justice and to the enhancement of the quality of life for all people. Social workers tender to provide specific management services as per the instance to families and individuals.
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Social Worker Skills
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Download file to see previous pages As the report declares self-awareness is major requisite for every individual. People who are successful in their occupations know themselves. Successful people recognize their own abilities and their areas of weakness. Successful people are also self-confident. Because they see themselves as capable people, able to do a number of things well, employers and co-workers also tend to see them in this way.
This paper stresses that social work is emotionally and intellectually demanding and being comfortable with oneself is vital in order to deal with clients. In this field, they will encounter more individuals who are stressed and often act as sounding boards and shock absorbers.
It is imperative that the social worker is able to understand what creates stress for them and develop means of reducing stress where they can. This involves self- assessments of their own physical and mental health, and establishing a lifestyle that promotes their personal well-being. Part of this process is to understand one's own personality characteristics. This would enable the workers to conduct a personal self-assessment and determine how their own identities, beliefs and prejudices may affect their social work practice. The social worker must know how his/her values, attitudes, beliefs, emotions and experiences and how they cloud her judgement of his/her thinking, behaviour and relationships. The worker must be retrospectively be willing to examine and amend her attitude if it will be an impediment to effectively getting the job done. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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