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Day in the ife of counselor, psychologist & social worker - Essay Example

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Human services programs achieve this by concentrating on prevention of problems as well as resolving existing problems. A human services professional enables the…
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Day in the ife of counselor, psychologist & social worker
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Download file to see previous pages The paper will also study the educational qualifications, licensure requirements, skills and techniques that professionals in these fields regularly incorporate into their practice.
A counselor is a human service professional that assists people get more out of life by overcoming challenges and difficulty. A counselor is a trained and accredited professional who renders developmental, emotive and mental support to clients. Counselors build a healthy relationship with clients and formulate problem-solving approaches to resolve the problem facing a client. The counseling field is diverse with counselors specializing in rehabilitation, career assistance, mental health, or marriage (Price, 2015). Counselors can work privately, under the government, in academic circles or in medical facilities.
A counselor has to fulfill a prerequisite for an Associate or Bachelor’s degree in liberal arts major. After completion of the Bachelor’s degree, the counselor pursues a Master’s degree in a counseling module. A counselor can undertake an advanced degree such as a doctorate in a specialty subject. A Bachelor’s degree is an essential requirement for basic counseling and life coaching. The Bachelor’s degree introduces the counselor to a wide range of counseling fields from which they can choose a field that suits their career objectives. Advanced counseling fields such as psychoanalysis require a doctorate or PhD qualification. A degree in psychology is a beneficial addition to the educational qualifications of a counselor (Gladding, 2012).
Counselors will also undergo specialty training in the organizations that provide counseling services. Counseling training programs held in developing counseling skills and offers mentoring for more experienced counselors. Counselors undertake practicums that equip them with knowledge about treatment modalities (Price, 2015). During the training, the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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