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The Responsibilities of Nursing Practitioner to Society - Essay Example

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An author of this reflective essay seeks to describe one's individual role in higher education as a student in the field of nursing. Furthermore, the essay "The Responsibilities of Nursing Practitioner to Society" would shed a light on the obligations of a future health practitioner to society…
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The Responsibilities of Nursing Practitioner to Society
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Extract of sample "The Responsibilities of Nursing Practitioner to Society"

Download file to see previous pages While there is no uniformity as to the roles of students in particular institutions, there are roles that students in higher education would be under an obligation to play not only in their respective institutions but also in the society. These include but are not limited to the following.
a. Dedicating all their efforts to furthering and attaining the highest levels of excellence for the better of the institution and society at large. As much as students in every other institution are expected to play this role, the responsibility is more pronounced for students in higher education. This is because they have more freedom which definitely comes with more responsibility as to their affairs. In this case, furthering their knowledge and academic excellence in particular fields is their ultimate responsibility all in an effort to make the institution and society better.
b. Orienting other or new coming students to the system in the particular higher education institution they are in- more often than not, there will be new students or at least some individuals who are not conversant with the system of the institutions. While it would be possible for such individuals to be oriented to these systems with time, the students play a critical role in fastening the orientation process. This has the effect of stabilizing the institution and ensuring that all processes run smoothly. This also ensures quick implementation of the policies and other fundamental frameworks that exist to guide the smooth running of the institution.
c. Contributing to improving the systems and structures of the institution in order to enhance efficiency- in many institutions, students play a very minute role in determining the systems within which they will be operating. However, this would be a bit farfetched as far as students in higher institutions are concerned.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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