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Personal Framework - Assignment Example

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Personal Framework Institution Date Introduction Considering development in technology and the world population growth, many careers have been developed. Nursing is a profession that centers its work by joining forces among professionals to deliver quality care and promote the best result among clients or patients…
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Personal Framework
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Download file to see previous pages In case whereby the patient is not able to respond to the nurse, the parents or relatives are entitled for the response. Whenever there is a complex situation concerning a certain client, more intensive care and extra resources is needed. This enables the nurses and key stakeholders identity the most appropriate category of nursing for the patients care reflecting on the environment factors, client and the nurse. Every professional has his or her expectations in the field of specialization. In the nursing practice, I have several expectations involved, which will enable me deliver the best possible outcome to the patients. With reference to the three-factor framework: client, nurse and environment factors, various nurses’ expectations can be outlined which help nurses in making effective decisions. The client factors are influenced by complexity, predictability and risk of negative outcomes from the client. Any nurse is able to deliver to a client who is less complex more predictable and has low risk of negative outcomes. The more complex the situation is, the more consultation is expected to deliver effectively. As a future nurse, I expect to be able to have self-sufficient practice in nursing and knowledge, which will guide me to deal with complexity of a client thereby establishing effective care and managing the health condition of this type of a client. I also expect to be able to deliver to clients such that they can realize predictable changes in their health conditions to identify their future care requirements. Regarding the nursing factors I anticipate to be able to offer safe and ethical care to the patients through leadership, decision making and through skills obtained from critical thinking. I look forward to be able to apply the knowledge and determine when and where to apply the acquaintance and considering the necessary resources for consultation. As a nurse, I should be able to recognize my competence and practice by being an expertise in the field of nursing. Most nurses enhance their competence and knowledge through proceed in education and experience which is not the case in most cases coz this does not always mean that that u will acquire a foundational competence like most competent nurses. One can become an expert in the nursing practice within his or her own nursing category. It is expected of me that I will be able to have time and resources for effective consultation to provide the best to the clients by being able to provide the paramount consultative results. Considering the environment factors, which are practice supporters, consultation resources and stability of environment, I expect these resources to be supportive in my decision-making. The environment should also be more stable for high proportion of nurses and many consultation resources, which will be more effective for me as a nurse to deliver best to my clients. With dedication and practice in the nursing practice, I will be in a position to achieve goals and objectives. The goal of pursuing the nursing practice will be to provide safe, competent and ethical care to my clients or patients. As a nurse, I am accountable for the practice. I will only be able to achieve the above goal through commitment to developing and applying the practice standard by persistence, critical skills ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Personal Framework Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
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