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This paper example "Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia Middle Range Theory Application" will investigate a way of reducing the impacts of this disease through a proper administration of nursing processes that reduce the capacity of the disease to affect the health and comfort of the patient…
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Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia Middle Range Theory Application
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Download file to see previous pages The tasks of caring and the promotion of human dignity are the central philosophies on which Swanson’s theory of caring is anchored. Swanson’s theory expands the aspect of nursing beyond the mechanics of professional processes between the caregiver and the patient to incorporate higher levels of commitment and responsibility on the part of the nurse. The caring theory entails a marked departure from conventional and traditional theories such as the medical model, the Nightingale model, and other theories that place the process of nursing within the province of professionalism. This theory acquires its relevance from the fact that it involves fewer concepts. The theory is also considered as user-friendly in the sense that it involves adaptable concepts. The adaptability of its concepts are essentially important in the task of maintaining some substantive approaches towards the management of multiple health challenges.
This theory shifts the focus of nursing from the casual skills of the caregiver to the personality, character, and resolve of the individual nurse. The theory of caring promotes a special kind of relationship between the client and the nurse in a way that unites the entire healing process into a meaningful whole. This theory is based on specific aspects of healing that require some inner connection of processes that provide the healing force to the client. This theory distinguishes itself from other theories of nursing in the sense that it infuses some element of behaviorism....
This theory distinguishes itself from other theories of nursing in the sense that it infuses some element of behaviorism within the entire discourse of nursing. The relationship between the nurse and the client is revised to one that captures some aspect of utilitarian kinship between the two. Notably, this theory invents new concepts to incorporate into the aspect of healing. The theory invents the essence of the environment as a complex and fluid environment that determines, to a significant degree, the levels of success in the nursing process. The environment, as defined in this theory, is not limited to the physical essence of the term. The environment, according to Swanson, is situational. It could vary from the definition of an individual to a community. Furthermore, the meaning of the environment could be altered to capture the body of the client as it relates to other parts of the same. On this note, this theory sought to situate the meaning of environment from the conventional sense of the term in order to give broader meaning to the element of value nursing practices. The environment, as understood within this definition, has the potential to affect and be affected by the client. The complexities of nursing are explored as consequences of the interaction between the environment and the nursing process. The processes that determine the nature of professionalism between the nurse and the client must take place in a supportive environment that provides the synergies that operationalize the various aspects of the process. Swanson’s theory lays emphasis on the aspect of informed nursing. In the theory of caring, it is important for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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