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Brunel University represents tremendous opportunities for the applicant, based on personal goals and ambitions for future business leadership development and career. Brunel University maintains a very high quality reputation in Saudi Arabia and in the United Kingdom for its…
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Personal statement for university application entry
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Brunel represents tremendous opportunities for the applicant, based on personal goals and ambitions for future business leadership development and career. Brunel University maintains a very high quality reputation in Saudi Arabia and in the United Kingdom for its dedication to creating sophisticated business leaders equipped with not only the fundamental skills of business understandings, but with practical life skills offered by trusted instructors versed in multiple domains of knowledge.
Though my high school experience at King Khaled International School provided four years of quality education in fundamental business, I did not receive the foundational learning that would be focused for achieving more wide-ranging and extensive learning as it relates to the business world. Later, after relocating to the United Kingdom and studying at Kaplan Aspect, I received the fortune of finally studying business which was the focus of my personal ambitions and something not provided effectively due to the socio-political environment in Saudi Arabia. Business skills were further enhanced during a one-year study period at The London College UCK where my ambitions for business were starting to be fulfilled expertly.
However, my next chronological experience with a two year programme at London Metropolitan University was disappointing as it did not fulfill all of the social, cultural and real-life business principles necessary to attain a quality career status, thus the candidate still did not feel properly equipped to reach the pinnacle of my goals in business. Further, the applicant has been strongly interested in Brunel University for several years based on the multi-dimensional curriculum offered for students with broader career interests in business.
In today’s economy, the applicant understands that international business needs require an individual to maintain complex knowledge and skill sets in order to effectively compete. With such a limited curriculum at the King Khaled University and London Metropolitan University, the applicant was ready for a quality education that I genuinely believe can only be effectively provided by a world-class organization such as Brunel University.
Outside of just reinforcing needs and goals associated with gaining business knowledge, the candidate would like to express some of my diverse values and hobbies. When not studying intensively for career development, I find considerable satisfaction in high performance recreational tasks such as tennis, cycling, and swimming. I find that these not only build character and balanced competitiveness, but assist in keeping the mind sharp and focused on goal-setting and goal attainment. Personally, I am attracted to movies and cinema as it helps to illustrate the lifestyles and values of international cultures and instills a sense of artistry that can be applied in so many dimensions of lifestyle and socialization.
Furthermore, having experienced the business world as a shop assistant in Saudi Arabia, I recognize the importance of knowing customer values and attitudes to achieve sales success. My experiences associated with working with very diverse clientele with varying needs and values has given me a unique perspective on the business world and how it inter-relates to effective service delivery and relationship development. I would like to expand these teachings in an environment conducive to business excellence.
I believe that my personal interests and values, along with my dedication to learning, would provide great benefit to Brunel University as much as the university can provide benefit for lifelong career and academic benefit. I hope that you will consider my application to your respected school and look forward to becoming part of the Brunel experience. The applicant is a student who very much wishes to connect with your top class instructors and build a partnership that has long-lasting lifestyle-related benefit. Read More
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