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Guilds Contribution in the Feudal Society - Research Paper Example

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From the paper "Guilds’ Contribution in the Feudal Society" it is clear that the guild played a major role in the feudal society. They influenced the structure of the political and social system in the country. Membership to guilds allowed an individual to attain a higher status in society. …
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Guilds Contribution in the Feudal Society
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Extract of sample "Guilds Contribution in the Feudal Society"

Download file to see previous pages In general, a feudal society incorporated the obligations of the clergy, the nobility, and the peasantry who were governed by manorialism system. Various discussions have revolved around historians based on the role it played in the formation of the medieval society (Heilbroner & Milberg, 2012). This paper will explore the functions, roles, and rationale for the guild in the feudal society to determine whether it can be considered a precursor to industrial manufacturing and as a basis for capital accumulation.
In the feudal society, some of the greatest contributors in the system were the guilds. The guilds played a vital role in the political and social structure of the feudal society. They were considered a vital element during the middle ages. The feudal system encouraged individuals to become members of the guild since membership to the group would help them acquire a higher social position in the society. Individuals who became guild members realized several benefits unlike in the case of those who were not. Every guild either served as a type of merchant or crafts guild. The term guild originated from the word ‘gilden,’ which meant ‘paying.’ The guild members subscribed to their particular guilds in order to be considered active in the groups (Heilbroner & Milberg, 2012).
The feudal society became dominant in Europe when the Roman Empire collapsed. The knights, barons as well as other nobility members taxed and took rent from peasants and serfs in their jurisdiction. To help them avoid excessive taxation, as well as avoid the various forms of tyrannical situations they were subjected to, ordinary men deemed it necessary to gather and give their opinions together since no individual had sufficient power to oppose the feudalistic system (Heilbroner & Milberg, 2012). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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