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The paper tells that the self assessment is a wonderful technique that does not only eliminate misconceptions about one personality but also direct with what improvements a person requires to bring about a positive change in its personality…
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Self leadership
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Download file to see previous pages The intention of this study is self-leadership as a process in the course of which people influence themselves to attain the self-direction and self-motivation required to perform. Self-leadership engrosses behavioral as well as cognitive strategies that are imagined to positively manipulate consequences. Self-assessment can direct to the recognition of behaviors that ought to be changed, enhanced, or eliminated. This foundation of self-assessment empowers the individual to become more effective in outlining personal goals that may show the way to improved performance. Self-rewards, however, can be used to strengthen desirable behaviors and goal accomplishment. Desired behaviors can be shaped by self-rewards and self-punishment predominantly when used cautiously and reserved for critically negative behaviors. Finally, the continuous practice of desired behaviors prior to actual performance can permit the correction of problems and the prevention of pricey miscues. In short, self leadership allows encouraging constructive, desirable behaviors that lead to winning outcomes, while holding back negative, unwanted behaviors that go ahead to unsuccessful results. A lot of individual performance tribulations result from dysfunctional thinking. Such vague and distorted thoughts usually result from underlying dysfunctional assumptions and beliefs that are repeatedly prompted by stressful or traumatic situations. Thought self-leadership implies that a self-analysis procedure one can not only identify dysfunctional beliefs and assumptions but can also confront and replaced them with more rational ones (Burns, 1992). What we stealthily tell ourselves can be defined as Self-talk or self-dialogue (Manz, 1992). Since individuals assess, tutor, and react to themselves mentally therefore this self-talk more often than not takes place at unnoticeable stages (Manz, 1992). In the course of the effectual employment of self-talk strategies, individual can find out to suppress and deject pessimistic and negative self-talk while encouraging optimistic self-dialogues (Seligman, 1991). Replacing dysfunctional and negative self-talk patterns with constructive inner dialogues can enhance the performance (Manz & Neck, 1999). Optimism has a positive relation with physical and mental health, and at the same time it grants one the ability to muddle through stressful situations (Fahey, 1998). According to Scheier and Carver (1992) an optimistic point of view bequeath benefits on what people accomplish and what people are competent to pull off in times of adversity. In short, self-leadership suggests that an individual’s performance levels can be improved if he possesses optimistic, opportunity-focused and constructive though patters rather than pessimistic, obstacle focused and dysfunctional thought patterns. To sum up self-leadership theory asserts that behavioral and cognitive strategies tend to have a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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