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Lack of Shops in Khalifa B City - Research Paper Example

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 This research "Lack of Shops in Khalifa B City" looks into the problems faced by Khalifa City B’s residents in terms of ill-equipped shopping areas and provides recommendations on how to improve the current imbroglio such as incentives for the growth of new shops. …
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Lack of Shops in Khalifa B City
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Download file to see previous pages The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is emerging as one of the worlds’ forerunning metropolitan development destinations. The oil wealth of the region has been transformed to create sustainable development and growth solutions. The dependence of the UAE on oil-based revenue has been systematically removed over the decades by diversifying the economy. Currently, the UAE is serving as one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations as well as being one of its busiest ports. The UAE’s seven emirates have seen different levels of development over the years depending on the policies of the local ruling classes. The current patterns of growth show that Dubai is the regional favorite in terms of attracting business and spurring growth (Bennett, 2009). The gauntlet thrown down by Dubai has been assumed by other emirates and new development patterns are emerging.
In an effort to spur growth in the Abu Dhabi region, the local government has taken up an ambitious plan for attracting new businesses and new people to live in the emirate. In an effort to expand the current population levels, the Abu Dhabi region has chosen to establish a number of new cities in order to catalyze growth. One such city is the Khalifa City that has been designed to act as a residential suburb of Abu Dhabi. The development of Khalifa City has not been restricted to one central location alone. Instead, Khalifa City has been planned into three distinct areas that have been designated as:
Khalifa City A is located close to the main highway connecting the Abu Dhabi emirate to Dubai and also lies in proximity to Abu Dhabi itself. In contrast, Khalifa City B has been created farther inland from Khalifa City A while the New Khalifa City lies between Khalifa City A and Khalifa City B. The burgeoning population of Khalifa City B is slightly disadvantaged given the fact that shopping areas near the city are modest at best. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Lack of Shops in Khalifa B City Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3735 Words.
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