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James Cook who emerged one of the greatest explorers of the 18th century was born in a small village in Yorkshire in the year 1728 to an agricultural Scotsman. By the time he was 17 he was working for a shopkeeper in Staithes near Whitby and it was while working here that he…
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Captain Cook
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Download file to see previous pages Cook managed to rise through ranks from seaman, soon became a mate and within four years became a master but it was not until 1759, that he was given the capacity to command the Mercury and he managed to sail to Canada up to the St Lawrence River, where he assisted in the survey of the river channel. At this point, Cook was made responsible and managed to successfully pilot the fleet, and they took over took Quebec.
For his expeditions, Cook choice of vessel was precise. He went for sturdy and practical vessels, preferably the one that could hold lots of provision as well as be able to be managed by a small crew if need be. Among his crew members was, Dr Green who was responsible for the scientific instruments that were used for observations used in the expedition. In his lifetime Cook went for three major voyages across the pacific, each voyage however a different purpose had and was directed to different parts of the world.
According to Simmons, (41), James Cook was only twenty-nine years old when he set for the voyage with the chilling experience. A few years to come, he was to achieve recognition for his success in preventing the loss of the men under his command to scurvy, in. It marked as one of the most outstanding accomplishment he managed to attain during his voyages and exploration around the world. Cook was always cautious; he paid close attention to the health of the ship’s company on those voyages as he had not witnessed the terrible suffering aboard Pembroke. When Cook arrived in Halifax outbreaks of scurvy were not uncommon in the city itself maybe due to lack of property rights discouraged settlers from erecting fences and cultivating home gardens and this made fresh vegetables be scarce.
On June 19th the British started bombarding the fortress with heavy artillery and two days later the French vessel célèbre was hit by gun fire and burst into flames. They put a strong resistance against the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Captain Cook Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words - 1.
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