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Adventures in New Zealand - Essay Example

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Maori are the indigenous people of New Zealand who infiltrated the country between 900 and 1400 A.D. Before the penetration of the European influence and western culture they thrived in isolation for several centuries with their own culture and tradition…
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Adventures in New Zealand
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Download file to see previous pages Maori were tribal societies (iwi) ruled by chiefly rulers who were thought to be descendants of gods. The European and the western influence first injected into their society in 1642. Briton James Cook, a British explorer established harmonious relation with them. By the 1800s emerging concept of colonization made frequent visits of European ships into New Zealand. Severe permeation of the Europeans resulted in the alteration of the Maori culture and reduction in their population followed by conflicts and turmoil. British rule in New Zealand was established by signing the treaty of Waitangi between the Maori representatives and the British. The treaty granted British citizenship to the Maori and recognized their land rights (Gream 1999). In his famous book Adventure in New Zealand Jerningham elucidated his experience of the expeditions encountered by him in New Zealand and also his interaction with the Maori tribe. First, I am going to focus upon a part of the book in this paper where Jermingham set out for the purchase of the Port Nicholson in New Zealand. I will also bring into focus his interaction with the Maori. Secondly, I will depict the author’s viewpoint about the Maori and the contrast between Europeans and the Maori. Biography of Edward Jerningham Wakefield A literary maestro and highly intellectual British politician, Edward Jerningham Wakefield (1820-1879), son of the colonist Edward Gibbon Wakefield spent his early childhood in England serving as an agent and explorer for his father’s chief colonial enterprise, the New Zealand Company, which was involved in land settlement deals. In August 1839 he arrived in New Zealand and engaged himself in the works of land purchasing expeditions. His explorations were mainly concentrated in the districts of Wanganui, Upper Rangitikei, Taupo and Nelson. In 1850 he moved to Christchurch in New Zealand and had two stints as a member of parliament and died in 1879. The contemporary period of his lifetime was generally referred the era of colonization. His father Edward Gibbon Wakefield was known for his significant role in reaping enormous profits through his land settlement enterprise, the New Zealand Company. Jerningham Wakefield was a hardcore proponent of colonization and well known for his colonial explorations in South Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Adventure in New Zealand  The Tory (name of the ship) expedition was led by Edward senior’s brother, Colonel William Wakefield and his son Edward Jerningham Wakefield who was then 19 years old. Jerningham was the secretary of his uncle and was vested with the responsibility of executing various transactions. They planned to purchase Port Nicholson. On September 25th, 1839 the goods intended to be presented were arranged in the deck of Tori where hundreds of natives were present. Although the natives conversed among themselves, they did not hinder the process of transaction. But when they filled up a good deal of room on the deck which was wanted in order to segregate things Jerningham’s uncle wanted an explanation from chief Warepori and told him to guide them towards the shore. On 26th September when all the articles were selected and arranged message was sent to the shore addressing the chiefs. The chiefs came and carefully examined the quality and quantity of the articles. However they were very much embarrassed seeing the distribution of the goods among the six minor tribes. In order to have a strict vigilance on the transaction process Colonel Wakefield sent a young native missionary teacher. But it was found that he was himself attracted towards the presents and tried to appropriate them for himself rather than authorizing and influencing the local chiefs. Colonel Wakefield allotted ample presents for the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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