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Adventure Tourism - Essay Example

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Tourism has been traditionally considered as one of the most effective tools which is provided to modern human in order to help him to escape from daily routing and enjoy a series of activities that offer a – temporary – but necessary break from the ‘obligations’ of…
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Adventure Tourism
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Download file to see previous pages In this context, tourism offered by the state is really important for people of ‘weak’ financial status, whereas tourism products that are designed specifically for people with a strong financial background, can be just a part of daily life without a significant value for the people involved (in terms of expectancy). However, in terms of pleasure tourism products are welcomed by people of all social levels around the world. It has to be noticed that tourism has been developed a lot especially the last decade where a series of tourism products have appeared and are offered to the public (or to a more limited part of the population). Under these terms, the adventure tourism products have expanded internationally and keep on gaining the preference of people in the global community. The types of these products are many, however because they have common characteristics they can all be evaluated simultaneously with just slight differentiations referring mostly to their ‘structure’ and the facilities used for their ‘realization’.
The development of tourism around the world has been in accordance with the potentials of each particular geographical area (in terms of landscapes and facilities provided) as well as the preferences of tourists as they are expressed through the tourism products chosen worldwide. In this context, it has been stated by Werner (2003, 141) that ‘within the past century, international tourists have increasingly sought exotic destinations in their pursuit of relaxation, escape, and adventure; recognizing the opportunity to earn valuable foreign currency, developing countries have catered to these desires by encouraging tourism development’. The types of tourism products offered by each country are depended on a series of parameters with most important its ability to respond to the requirements set by these products from a financial and environmental aspect as already expected above. For this reason, it is hardly ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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