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Into the Shadows with the Lead Investigator of the Ghost Adventure Crew - Essay Example

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The paper 'Into the Shadows with the Lead Investigator of the Ghost Adventure Crew' focuses on the investigators who explore is the existence of paranormal spirits. In one episode, in an effort to contact a spirit known as Jack, a missing person from the 1800s…
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Into the Shadows with the Lead Investigator of the Ghost Adventure Crew
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Extract of sample "Into the Shadows with the Lead Investigator of the Ghost Adventure Crew"

Such occurrences have long been an aspect of academic discourse. Milbourne, a scholarly author, notes that in the early 20th century a scientific experiment was established with three psychic mediums and a price of $2,500 if they could prove the existence of such powers (Brown 67). The study revealed that none of the participants were able to prove, under scientific circumstances, the existence of paranormal spirits.
        Another frequent area of exploration for Ghost Adventures is the proof of ghosts through the discovery of ‘evidence’. For example, in one episode they claim to locate hard evidence of a ghost through infrared capture. They indicate that the heat on display is clear evidence of a ghost. Scientific research, however, has indicated that “Once again there is no scientific evidence to suggest that ghosts will emit or interfere with electromagnetic fields” “Paranormal Investigation in New Zealand”. This evidence is in direct contrast to claims made in the television program that the images they have located on their device truly indicated that paranormal activity is occurring. Another prominent occurrence in the television program is the implementation of traces on an electromagnetic spectrum. In the television program, they utilize this to indicate that a ghost truly exists. However, researchers have noted that “A range of sources would need to be eliminated before you could then conclude that there was a field from an unknown origin – but then it would just be that – a field of an unknown origin. You could not then conclude it was a ghost” (Radin 67). The director of the movie speculated that there might have been a ghost in the areas they were checking therefore, they had no evidence to prove this. This is evidenced by the dark settings in the movie. The general cinematography of the Ghosts Adventures is breathtaking. The dark and dull background brings the black scary color that is usually associated with evil and ghosts. This prepares the viewer psychologically for the fearful scenario. Some lighting is allowed to appear slightly, the light best suites it in bringing out the black and white color to show contrast (Bargans and Goodwin. Speed ramping is brought out when a bang is heard in the site and that causes an effect of fear on the audience.

            Aaron Goodwin, Nick Groff, and Zack Bagans investigate a haunted location. The conditions are quite convincing that the site is ideal for ghost hunting. At the old Washoe Club in Virginia City, the club room they visited was a crypt used to store bodies that were a result of mining accidents and diseases (Bargans and Crigger 89). Throughout this segment, many orbs are seen and an apparition is spotted walking across the room. One of the investigators walks from one side of the screen to the other as they try to set the cameras in place. A few seconds later, a semi-transparent image comes in the same path. It does not block the light that is projected towards it.
In another episode, they are given a tour by an elderly woman at the Goldfield Hotel. A woman named Elizabeth is said to haunt a room in the hotel. Elizabeth, before her unfortunate murder, was a prostitute who was pregnant. During the investigation, the team entered the room where Elizabeth died. While in this room, a brick was thrown from an unknown source against a wall. Due to the commotion, the team is separated (Bargans and Goodwin). This element of the show helps to depict the entertainment because there is high drama during this situation. Because they were separated in a dark room, it heightened an emotional, dramatic, and entertaining feeling.        
In most of the episodes of Ghost Adventures, the use of sounds is crucial to entertaining the audience. The background music is clearly heard and complements the fear the site brings to the viewer. Also, the use of narration brings entertaining values. One can tell there is, in fact, narration because of the different tones of voices used to project the voices. In the beginning, the narrator is heard introducing the team and their various functions. While the narrator talks, an echo is heard, but no echo is heard throughout the show (Takahashi 3). This means that narration is, in fact, present during the show. This is relevant because narration often holds under the theme of entertaining values.       

        Another part of Ghost Adventures that applies to entertainment is character development. The viewer wants to know more about the characters being developed throughout the show because they often symbolize leadership. Zak is portrayed as a courageous person because he tries to talk to the ghosts he believes are threatening to him. Viewers want to watch him because they become fearful of him. Zak also comes out as a leader because he is the narrator of every event in the show. Furthermore, his leadership is portrayed when he directs others on what to do and at what time. Aaron, another investigator, is also courageous since he is able to film every move the investigators make (Brown 67). And the last investigator, Nicholas, is obviously courageous because he is part of the group and is ready to encounter ghosts. In a nutshell, the trio is courageous and hard working. This great team makes viewers want to keep watching. So, one could say the character development has a result of entertaining watchers.

        Another way the show uses entertainment values is through the use of technology. There are instances where the spirit of the dead is called through technology. In one instance Zak is in a haunted house and requests whatever spirit in the house to turn the lights on and off. But, the influence of a ghost is not realistic; there is simply no proof. So, technology is used to entertain the audience.        
Reality shows are also termed to be unscripted forms of television; however, one could say otherwise that the reality shows are scripted to heed entertaining costs. Common wisdom holds that reality events document actual events or humorous situations, featuring ordinary citizens instead of well-known stars. But, in reality, shows, specifically in Ghost Adventures, the characters are staged to bring out the entertainment more clearly (Palinode).

In conclusion, Ghost Adventures uses specific and often underlooked methods of choreography and cinematography to entertain viewers. Although many associates the show with educating people about the unknown world of the paranormal, it is clear the show is used to entertain. Read More
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