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Halifax - Essay Example

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Most of the activities are public, but fees are charged. For instance, Halifax regional municipality charges some rates per visit to their swimming pools. For instance, Seniors pay up to $ 84 per 30 visits. Skating is…
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Extract of sample "Halifax"

Halifax- Tourism A. Winter outdoor activities Winter activities include skating, concerts, and festivals. Most of the activities are public, but fees are charged. For instance, Halifax regional municipality charges some rates per visit to their swimming pools. For instance, Seniors pay up to $ 84 per 30 visits. Skating is done in the Skating oval, one of the recreation facilities in Halifax. This center does not have any website, but no fees are charge on users. Theatres in Halifax include the Oxford Theatre that requires people to purchase tickets for theme to watch performances.
B. Parks and forest
In Halifax, there are public gardens and recreation centers. A Halifax public garden is a public center that does not charge any fee at the gate. This facility does not have any website, but the municipality lists it as one of the areas for recreation. Clam Harbour Beach Provincial Park found in Halifax, provide public access to the beach. Public users are not charged to access this park. Whereas the park has website on its own, it remains listed in website. There are various forests clubs such as Blue Forest, and forests in Nova Scotia. These forests are only free in some seasons, but they levy varying amount of fees. These forests have not websites.
C. Water-based activities
Swimming is one of the activities of Nova Scotia, which can be done at the beach. In this way, public users are charged any fee. Other recreation centers like Atlantica Hotel Halifax, office sauna and swimming pool and charge people to the hotel to use them. This is often included in the hotel charges. Atlantica Hotel Halifax has a magnifiscent hotel that reveals that hotels services accompanying them with captivating photo galleries.
D. Golf/Tennis
Golf is well established in Halifax with many golf clubs having commercial interests. In Halifax, there are several golf courses in Nova Scotia. For instance, a new Golf Course is being developed at Forest Lakes, and will charge a fee to golfers. Other golf centers include Airline Golf Club, which levies a charge of about $18 to $ 19 for green fees. Other golfing gear are rented here. This golfing club has a modest website with detailed information and pictures on pricing. This website is well designed and provides clear information about service offered by the club . Read More
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Halifax Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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