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City bank - Research Paper Example

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Businesses of City Bank in the global environment has grown in leaps and bounds, the growth has largely been attributed to fierce…
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City bank
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Extract of sample "City bank"

Download file to see previous pages Despite business operations having an immense impact on the global economy, the economy as well can be said to have impacted on the businesses hence a two way affair. The global economy is surrounded by political, economic and social forces that must be highlighted in the bid to describe how the Bank’s business has influenced the economy (Starrett 2009).
The free operation environments that have been advanced, environment that capital is freely movable and barriers to trade have also been eliminated hence free flow of finances. As a result of business operations and wellness in coordination, the global scene has realized a massive growth for businesses to become multinational corporations. Inventions and innovations as a result of idea generations globally have created a lot of new commodities. Moreover, management efficiency of the Bank due to businesses being in a position to attract highly qualified staff from every corner of the universe and in bulk. Labor cost in the global economy have also since reduced due to the unlimited supply of the labor itself as well as its mobility has made it easily accessible and readily available for most business ventures and the question which remains is its affordability.
International political decisions, otherwise called foreign policies are highly dictated largely by world economic power houses. This power is achieved depending on the control that such countries posses in the world business arena, the US where the bank originates commands the bigger share of the world economy. In the past countries have been witnessed to collude and come together on the basis of their GDP. The so called G8 or G10 of the current is composed by the world economic forces and they influence all the decisions undertaken upon the surface of the earth. Such decisions are normally geared to only favor the bank and their operations (Starrett 2009).
International wars and crimes have normally been propagated due to the fight of supremacy ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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City Bank Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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