Research Proposal: Underground Construction Business in Russia - Essay Example

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Over the past five years, the construction industry has been awash with tunnelling projects with there being a lot of enthusiasm globally from industry players. This has mainly been due to advancements in tunnelling technology and techniques which have occurred over the past decade, and also due to increased awareness of the need for ‘green’ projects which have less environmental impact (Deloitte, 2012)…
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Research Proposal: Underground Construction Business in Russia
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The exponential growth rate of Russian cities and economy attracts investors into the country. It is therefore imperative that the current business climate for underground construction in Russia be understood clearly to enable effective decision making for the wide array of potential investors (Datamonitor, 2011; Deloitte, 2012). While the business environment may prove promising, it may also present a number of challenges to various investors, both local and foreign, who seek to do business in underground construction. The industry conditions and economic, political and financial factors that impact a business need be taken into consideration when opening or expanding a business (World Bank Report, 2009). In essence therefore, this research study will seek to investigate the current business conditions within the tunnelling and underground construction in Russia, and specifically will look at the economic, political and financial factors that impact the businesses and the ability of various potential entrepreneurs investing in this industry. Statement of the Problem The construction industry, especially underground construction has been growing exponentially in Russia with substantial underground constructions in electricity systems, sewerage system, metro, water systems and highway developments having occurred over the past decade (Deloitte, 2012). Increased recognition of the viability and benefits that underground construction offer especially in view decreasing land space relative to the rising populations and structures on land, has seen increased investments in underground construction in Russia. With Russia’s economy continually growing as any other emerging economy (Brezhnev et al, 2005:596), a wide array of investors globally and even within Russia ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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