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Movie and a media article comparison - Essay Example

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Topic:  Brick Lane-Movie and a media article comparison The movie Brick Lane starts by depicting the childhood of Nazneen,where she is playing with her sister in the green paddy fields of Bangladeshi village. She is in an elite mood and enjoying a dip in the pond along the paddy fields…
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Movie and a media article comparison
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Download file to see previous pages She is not educated and does not speak any language except Bengali l and lived a poor life. As the movie proceeds the Nazneen have lived 16 yrs with her husband in London city and is also shown to have two daughters. She is now a woman who speaks English, and is a housewife in London city. However, her mind and soul is still in her village, remembering her loving sister with whom she had spent her childhood in joy. Life has changed for Nazeen but her emotions are numb because she is married to a person, she does not love. As a young woman, her passions are still unquenched and are living a life of frustration. Her love life with her husband is bland and she has no emotional connection with him. While comparing to her young age, she is much silent, unhappy and nostalgic. She lives in her childhood, even after leaving the village at a young age. The only best time in her life is one which she has spent in the village and she is holding on to it to give her happiness and joy. As days pass by she gets acquainted with the clothing worker Karim. She buys a sewing machine and starts stitching clothes and tries to become engaged in some productive work. In due course, she romantically gets involved with Karim and this gives her a new life. Every day she waits for him and they spent some lovable movements at her home and ultimately physically get involved. After getting intimate with Karim, a new energy sparks in Nazneen and she perceives life in a different way. She discovers herself after coming in contact with the handsome and young Karim. Nazneen become more lively, energetic and even her family notices the positive change in her. As they love prosper, her husband comes to know about her liaison with Karim and sarcastically threaten her. At the same time , event of 9/11 strikes America and the Muslim community experiences a threatened environment in London. Upon this news, Nazneen’s husband decides to leave London and go back to Bangladesh. But towards the end of the movie, Nazneen transforms to a strong- willed, bold woman who has ideas and principles of her own. She confesses to her husband she wants to liven in London and stays back there with her children as an independent woman. The article “Geographies of Inclusion/Exclusion: British Muslim Women in the East End of London” by Halima Begum throws light upon the life of Bangladeshi women and their gender identity in context to Islam community in East London. The article talks about the life of Bangladeshi women in London who come from rural areas of Bangladesh. These women get caught in the atmosphere of cosmopolitan cities and suffer identity crisis. In the article author writes that” The promise of inclusion for young, working-class Muslim Bangladeshi women remains an unfulfilled project in contemporary Britain”. This could be related to the scene in which Nazneen looks at the sewing machine and feel helpless in buying it. It shows the kind of atmosphere in which Bangladeshi women live where they have no right to get employed and contribute to the society. According to Begum “For many young British Bangladeshis, Islam in the United Kingdom is more about bringing the ‘modern’ back from Bangladesh into East London’s communities”. This could be associated with the scene where Karim persuades Nazneen to stay back in London as an attempt to make her modern and independent.Karim being a person born and brought up in London is also religious man. He ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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