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Business ideas - Essay Example

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In Halifax and Canada in general, there is a small but significant and growing Muslim population. There are also many Muslims students that come to the city. These Muslim women have significant disposable income yet there are no clothing stores that deliver clothing just for…
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Business ideas
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Download file to see previous pages Imam (Muslim priest) or a Muslim scholar who would serve as a Consultant to ensure that the clothing style that will be made by the company is appropriate for Muslim women. This is critical because the competitive advantage of the company is its ability to serve a certain niche with a cultural and religious overtone. The company cannot afford to make a mistake especially during its initial phase because when it will lose its credibility in that segment either by mistake or ignorance, it is already doom to fail because Muslim women are its sole market.
Know-how on what are appropriate clothing designs for Muslim women. Fabrics to sew or create such design. Employees who have knowledge and expertise in sewing Islamic high fashion clothes. Capital to start and operate a business.
Being culturally and religiously correct does not mean that people has to dress dull. The Islamic high fashion clothing line that will be introduced by the company in the market will be stylish but culturally and religiously aligned with the dressing prescription of Islam for women.
Customers will the center of the business. Such, the business will take the pain to consult Muslim scholars about the appropriateness of the clothing line in addition to the effort of making the clothing line stylish and comfortable.
The channel of establishing customer relationships and distribution shall be highly selective since the target market is highly specialized. Marketing efforts in establishing customer relationship will only be limited to Islamic communities where the target markets are concentrated. Since the proposed business is targeted towards a market with a high disposable income, the channel of distribution will also be situated in high street fashion retail stores to make the product appropriate to the status of its market.
The idea of putting up a clothing business that caters to a specific market has a very good chance of success provided that it will be done right. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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