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ATOKOWA ORGANIZATION REPORT Systems and Operations Management Practices Case of Atokowa Organization [Insert name] [Name of the university] Executive Summary This report was based on Atakowa organization case analysis. The main purpose was to conduct an analysis on the systems and operation management activities in the organization…
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Atokowa Organization Report
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Download file to see previous pages This followed the application of soft system model (SSM) to analyze current issues affecting Atokowa. The same was accomplished through CATWOE analysis. The study further discussed on appropriate recommendations for systems and operations managements whereby possible quality improvement strategies were provided. The TQM was identified as the best system which can improve overall quality performance of the organization. The investigation further covered on the relevant people and management issues which may come up during the implementation of new quality system in the organization. By doing so, possible ways of managing these issues were provided to support the implementation process. The study was summarized through provision of concrete conclusion which summarized the case analysis. Table of Contents Executive Summary 1 1.0 Introduction 3 1.1. About Atokowa Advantage 4 2.0 Analysis of Systems and Operations Management of Atokowa Organization 6 2.1. Input Output Model 6 2.2. The use of business process mapping model on Atakowa’s case 8 2.2.1. Use of process mapping model to analyze Atokowa’s case 9 2.3. Decision Making Hierarchy 10 2.3.1. Three levels of decision making 10 2.4. System levels 11 2.4.1. The role of systems to support business processes 12 2.5. Applying Pareto Analysis 12 2.6. Application of soft system methodology 13 2.6.1. CATWOE analysis 13 2.6.2. Current issues in Atokowa 14 3.0. Systems and Operations Management Recommendations 15 3.1. How the organization can improve quality management 15 3.2. Improving the quality management skills of our employees 16 3.2.1 Other important recommendations 16 3.3. The people and management issues which may arise during the implementation of business improvements and quality managements in Atokowa organization 17 3.3.1. How these issues should be managed 17 4.0. Conclusion 18 5.0. References 19 1.0 Introduction According to research, operation management is defined as activities surrounding the management of resources in an organization. Resources in a manufacturing environment are devoted in ensuring efficient production and delivery of goods and services to the market. Information systems on the other hands refers to a layout of interrelated components which are responsible for retrieval, processing, storage and distribution of information which are vital for decision making and control of activities in an organization (Ram, 2005). This study will focus on Atokowa advantage by looking at systems and operation management practices are handled in the organization. The question which should be asked is what are the systems and operations management practices in the company? What are the strengths and weaknesses of these systems and operations practices? And what are the possible recommendations which should be implemented to improve on the systems and operations management practices? Based on this brief introduction, the report will analyze these system and practices by use of appropriate models so that critical analysis can be provided to give insight on the way systems and operations activities are managed in Atokowa. By applying these models, the main business requirements will be examined thus understanding the way the company operates. The report will explain the possible quality management improvements strategy which may be implemented in the company. It will conclude by providing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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