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SYSTEMS AND OPERATION MANAGEMENT Tutor Date Introduction Atokowa company is an aggressive business that is aimed at exploiting business opportunities and advantages that prevails in the market that has at stake the alternative of undertaking a detailed analysis of a how business systems are managed currently in employing appropriate models in order to take into account the goals of the business, work attainment and the impacts the models employed have on the customers…
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System And Operation Management: Atokowa company
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Download file to see previous pages Atokowa Company has found the tool to be quit beneficial from this tool as it meets the approach in model identification and improvement. The workers of Atokowa Company are proud of the company, thus being more and more motivated and finally improving on productivity. The tool has helped the company avoid downfalls that may occur times. The company will be in position to figure out its employees basically on what they are actually tying to attain as per the objectives to the company’s course (Williams, 2006). The model below has been selected in order to review and re-engineer a customer-centric approach (Phillips, 2004). Product design and conceptualization which entails design of Atokowa range of products. Secondly is the procurement and supplies that comprises of supplier selection criteria, shipping and management (Michael & Bates, 2005). Thirdly, stores and inventory that deals with pricing structuring. Fourth is retailing operations that comprise of product summation, Monitoring, product scanning, Re-ordering and payments (Kendrick, 2009). Warehousing being the fifth is all about deliveries, scheduling and packing and lastly is the sales and marketing which include training and customer feedback. The Atokowa product life cycle is shown below. The figure below is an illustration of Atokowa product lifecycle (Satyanarayana, 2006) General goals The main objective of Atokowa is mainly aimed at becoming a leader in the global market in printing and stationery services via latest technology (Samli, 2006). Specific objectives within the mapping model The company is aimed at reducing paperwork and thus increasing efficiency of the retailing operations process. It is also aimed at increasing its competitive advantage by quick deliveries and pocket friendly prices to the customer. They are also targeting to improve on the customer servicing as they are looking forward to being the leaders (Hachman & Johnson, 2000). They opt to employ the latest technologies in carrying out their operations and finally to quality systems to meet changing needs of customers (Waters & Waters, 2009). Risks of processing and operations at Atokowa Risks occurrence bring downfall to the organization any may affect the objectives that may have be set in order to keep the company moving. Basing on Atokowa Company, its risks have documented basing on how they affect its activities. New risks are a basis of continued research and development. Other risks that affect the company have been presented in the table below. Table 1: Risks identified with Atokowa process and operations Risk Consequences Level of outcome Frequency Responsibility Action Online store generation disagreement Many online customers are not reached M L Paul Fair clough Carry out a decision based research on viability of on-line sales Customer service are reported to be of low quality Customers walking out H H Hayley Atokowa Improve process, emphasize on good customer service Atokowa process control Process control tools Ensure that adequate control process is executed so that the variability and safety is achieved. In enhancing variability, high dependability product saves money. In reducing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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