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The main purpose of this following paper is to examine and present various aspects of S&O management in the Atokowa Company and give recommendations for improvement of the management operations in systems and operations segments…
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Various aspects of S&O management in the Atokowa Company
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Download file to see previous pages This research will begin with the statement that management of systems and operations can be viewed as the organisational in built building, designing, and structuring mechanism for effective daily operations of organisations. According to Chase et al, management of systems and operations is an essential process of converting a firm’s internal input (human resources, energy, or material) into output (goods and services). Actually, management of systems and operations entails the effective management of organisational resources, which gear towards production as well as distribution of goods and services of an organisation to its end customers. Operations and systems management could be summed up into management systems, which are proven frameworks for the management as well as continuous improvements of the policies, processes, as well as procedures of organisations. Individually, system management refers to an enterprise’s management of the systems of information management. This entails gathering necessities, purchasing software and equipment, distribution of software and equipment to their places of use, their configuration, their maintenance through service updates and enhancement, setting up of processes of problem-handling, and determination of whether objectives and goals are being realised. Systems management is thus the enterprise-wide distributed systems’ administration including (and usually in practice) the computer systems. It is stoutly affected by telecommunications’ initiatives of network management. ...
The purpose of this paper is to examine various aspects of S&O management in the Atokowa Company and give recommendations for improvement of the management operations in systems and operations segments. Background Information of Atokowa Advantage The Atokowa advantage Company is a key player in the industry of office supplies and stationery in Australia. The firm sells an array of office supplies and stationery to businesses, individuals, as well as other organisations. It owns several retail outlets, which deliver office supplies and stationery directly to the organisations as well as carry out customised printing for firms. Lachlan Atokowa founded Atokowa in 1964 in Sydney, Australia as a mere photocopying business in Atokowa’s garage after purchasing Xerox 914 machine. His business grew and in 1970, he purchased one retail outlet as well as expanded his business from just photocopying activities to business printing in addition to brochures, letterheads, flyers, compliment slips, business cards, fax headers, no carbon required (NCR) pads, and memo slips. These developed Atokowa’s status as a printing firm of high quality. Atokowa’s business continued growing and he developed his vision of becoming the one-stop office supplies and stationery shop. Lachlan expanded as well as purchased additional outlets in Perth and Melbourne areas, which were stocked quite adequately with an array of office supplies, paper, office furniture, besides the original business of printing. In 1980, Atokowa printing was renamed to Atokowa Office Supplies. Lachlan retired in 1983 and handed the business to Jonathan Atokowa, his eldest son who focused more on technology. In fact, Jonathan commenced sale of IBM PC 5100 and Commodore ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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