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New Market Opportunities Part I: Executive Summary Overview of the Company Kellogg Company is one of the world’s most famous companies that manufacture snacks and breakfast items for huge number of people throughout the world. The company began its operations during the year 1906 in Michigan with 44 people…
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New Market Opportunities
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Download file to see previous pages The revenue of the Kellogg was 12,397 million Dollars during the year 2010. The revenue figures depicted a compound annual growth rate of 4% during the past five years ending at 2010. The figure below depicts the movement of revenue throughout the period from the year 2005 to 2010: Source: (Kellogg Company, 2011). Leadership Team The leadership team of Kellogg is headed by Chairman of the Board, James M. Jennes. John A. Bryant is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the company. Various Senior Vice Presidents and Vice Presidents operate under the Chairman and the President of the company. The various departments of the company are headed by the respective Senior Vice Presidents. Margaret Bath is the Senior Vice President of the Research, Quality and Technology Department. Mark R. Baynes is the Global Chief Marketing Officer and Kris Charles is the Vice President of the Global Communications and Philanthropy Department. An important department dealing with the sustainability issues of the company is headed by Dr. Celeste A. Clark. The Chief Financial Officer of Kellogg Company is Ronald L. Dissinger and the department of global human resource is overseen by Dennis Shuler (Kellogg Company, 2009). ...
The pyramid below depicts the objectives of Kellogg: Source: (Kellogg Company, 2011). Business Ethics and Social Responsibility Kellogg aspires to develop a strong prospect for business and grow on a continuous basis with proper sustenance of business ethics towards the company’s stakeholders and primarily the environment. The company undertakes a number of projects aimed at the betterment of the society every year. For instance, during the year 2010, the company concentrated upon investments on charities in order to depict their objectives as a company dealing with processed food on a global basis (Kellogg Company, 2011). Product Mix The product mix of Kellogg is consisted of a number of varieties of products. By category, the products of the company are consisted of baking products, beverages, cereal, cones, cookies, crackers, fruit flavored snacks, snack bars, snacks, chips and party mixes, toaster pastries, vegetarian and waffles, pancakes and syrup (Kellogg NA Company, 2011). The various products under each of the categories are available in innumerable number of brands offered by the company. Current Financial State The financial health of the company can be considered to be stable as the company has sustained its operating profit, sales and earnings per share throughout the last five years, while investing in various profitable business opportunities. Although the operating profit of the company declined during the year 2010 from that in the year 2009 (from $2001 million to $1990 million), the compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) during the past five years was 3%. Similarly, the earnings per share of the company also depicted a CAGR of 7 % (Kellogg Company, 2011). Part II: Technological Opportunities ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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