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Exploring the relationship between digital Architecture and digital fabrication - Essay Example

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Relationship between digital architecture and digital fabrication Name: Institution: Abstract Ideally, the world is currently undergoing a digital evolution. Almost every aspect of human life is becoming digitalized. In this paper, digital architecture and digital fabrication are initially defined independently before their relationships are explored…
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Exploring the relationship between digital Architecture and digital fabrication
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Download file to see previous pages As a matter of fact, it emerges that the relationship between the two is solely responsible for the increased automation in the construction industry. Table of Contents Abstract 2 Introduction 4 Digital architecture 5 Digital fabrication 6 Digital architecture versus digital fabrication 8 Case study: Greater London Authority 12 Discussion 15 Conclusion 17 Reference 19 Table of figures Figure 1: Paradigmatic shift in digital design 8 Figure 2: levels of digital computability 9 Figure 3: Mercedes Benz Museum 10 Figure 4: Cecil Belmond’s Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 11 Figure 5: Weaire-Phelan structure and Water Cube 12 Figure 6: Greater London Authority 13 Figure 7: Programmed wall elements 14 Introduction At a time when art and design are intertwined and increasingly sophisticated, generating ideas and fabrication of the ideas into items for reflection and evaluation of the conceptualized creativity is important. Conventionally, painters produce sketches as items of their creative processes; explore composition possibilities in form of pencil drawings before finalizing the paintings. On the other hand, Architects explore lots of design possibilities via sketching of designs, hard-line drawings, physical models, as well as manufacturing artifacts for diverse ideas exploration. In the modern world, architects have adopted digital design in manufacturing of shapes and spaces including advanced technologies, which include, generative modeling methods using parametric modeling as well as CAD scripting. Modern architects traditionally generate multiple ideas in form of sketches in order to be able to further narrow down possible solutions to design and manufacturing challenges. Throughout the entire design history, lots of efforts have been put forth in facilitation of the process of generating ideas. Past literature present various endeavors ranging from creative design methodologies to high-end technological solutions. Basing from the technology-methodology perspective, there still are lots of innovative technological advances and challenges in design methodology application in multiple circumstances, which can be abridged together. Digital design and fabrication solutions present extensive potentials for integration into creative design process given that it offers possibility of availing tangible artifacts to existence where imagination of the mind is exceeded. Designers conventionally attempt rationalize their designs. Creation of study models, mock-ups and test prototypes are amongst approaches often implemented in validation of utility of designs. These multiple methods considered are treated as post-design evaluation methods. Typically, by the time a prototype comes to focus group session, lots of decisions will already reached. As a matter of fact, in conventional design processes, critical decisions are reached on the paper. Micro design integration decisions shape products. Nonetheless, what makes the process realistic are the skills and experience levels that the designers exhibit. On the other hand, designers and fabricators are conventionally limited by skills they possess as well as various other parameters. However, digital design and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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