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Fabrication in architectural design process - Thesis Proposal Example

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In the contemporary architectural practice, plan drawing and flat sections are no longer a significant means of communication and representation with clients. Today, the widely media used in architecture include animation, visualization and three-dimensional models. The…
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Fabrication in architectural design process
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Extract of sample "Fabrication in architectural design process"

Download file to see previous pages If a 3d printing or other fabrication method is employed, then there is the need to convert into a particular file for the sake of digital models. Digital fabrication tools are very essential in architecture because of attainable mitigation of the building costs. Free form shaped design in the design stage for countless unique components need some rationalization of the structural constituents so that they are materialized into buildings. In post-rationalization period, the structural system has been assigned to the already polished designs that at times need compromising final form of design (Laseau, P, 1980). The egg shaped form had to be reshaped with the use of Planar Quadrilateral Strips for it to meet the criteria for fabrication. While the relationship between design objects and the fabrication parameters has been explored previously, their independent was quite limited to integration of manufacturing constraints into developing a form, as it is the case of co-rationalized and pre-rationalization design approaches. In consideration of the application of a particular digital fabrication method, this paper proposes a research to be conducted to investigate the design-fabrication relation, approaching it from a different angle. This is in an attempt to respond to the question inquiring how the manufacturing parameters are integrated in the design process in facilitating the design-to-production communications. Design rationalization parameters, in this respect, are the driving force of any design in a generative procedure having imbedded fabrication.
Digitally driven Architectures has significantly influenced the modernist architecture, as well as contemporary architecture (Malcolm, M, William, J, & Patrick, P, 1990). The influence of digital media, as well as Information Technology on the architectural education ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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