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Beauty and the Beast by Disney - Research Paper Example

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The paper "Beauty and the Beast by Disney" describes that the film has shown an enchanting love story that goes beyond physical attributes. Probably, that is the strongest lesson of the film which teaches its viewers to avoid being judgemental even as they exist is a very pervasive society…
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Extract of sample "Beauty and the Beast by Disney"

Download file to see previous pages The film is about a love story between a somewhat free-spirited country girl named Belle yearning to escape the humdrum provincial life. There she is constantly pursued by a good looking albeit ignorant suitor by the name of Gaston. However, as fate would have it and more so to put the love story in motion, Belle’s father got stuck in the woods and then captured by the feared Beast. Being the heroine of the story, she valiantly switched places with her father. Thus, the Beauty meets the Beast and the romance started though initially with a bit of distrust and a pinch of fear as Belle becomes somewhat a cross between a prisoner and a guest in the mystical mansion of Beast. There, she met even more strange things as there are different furniture that can speak. Interestingly though, these talking teapot, clock and candelabra became some sort of a bridge that connected the would-be lovers (Pierce 2001). Slowly, the romance blossomed and after an altercation that nearly cost the Beast’s life, Belle’s true love for the otherwise hideous and feared creature broke the spell and out came a dashing prince. And, as the adage goes, they lived happily ever after.
As mentioned, the two main characters were barely even friends when they met. In fact, since the presence of Belle in the Beast’s mansion or castle was merely the result of a prisoner swap, these two were even enemies. However, as love stories and animated features would have it, these two became lovers in the end. Technically though, that is quite a stretch which can be expected from such a feature. After all, it is an s fairy tale. And where there’s a fairy tale, there is magic. And, maybe, love does come with a bit of magic. Also, love comes with a desire to change oneself though this can careen dangerously to the darker side or climb further up to be a better person for the one that you love. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Beauty and the Beast by Disney Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words, n.d.)
Beauty and the Beast by Disney Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words.
(Beauty and the Beast by Disney Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words)
Beauty and the Beast by Disney Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
“Beauty and the Beast by Disney Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words”.
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The story unfolds to introduce an antagonistic force and a protagonist that conflict each other where violence can be the ultimate solution to solve the problem. However, diplomatic and peaceful negotiations employment as a means of solving the problem is usually another characteristic. The stories of Beauty and the beast and the Beast and Wall-E culminates within the aspects of Fantasy fiction whereby they teach certain moral values, discuss certain problems facing society thereby demonstrating the aspect of the struggle to achieve something greater as is the case with romantic fantasy films. In Beauty and the Beast, the Beast is on a quest to find true love that will break his curse after a fairy hexed him. He takes a great care...
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At present, most of the age groups that absorb the popular culture are children and adolescents, especially since most products available target younger buyers and consumers (Sammond 7). Never had the world seen so much interest and glorification to childhood than in the middle part of the 20th century. Baby boomers were emerging, and capitalists were able to gain from the increase in infants by providing products specifically made for them. Books on how to raise children properly became abundant; studies about children’s physiology as well as psychology were also becoming the norm (Sammond 7). It was about this time that Walter Disney was successful in producing movies and other short animations that were aimed at young audience...
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...Beauty and the Beast We live in a very superficial world. Where women are expected to look a certain way and men are expected to look a certain way as well. However, it is worse for women because our looks are given a sexual connotation and we are taught that we can only attract the men if we try to look like the supermodels that we know we can never be. Supermodels have a team of stylists, ordinary women only have a pair of hands. Men on the other hand, as long as they look fresh, have clean cut hair, and dress properly, can already be called handsome. Women in this case have gotten the bum end of the stick. The media focuses too much on sexual and gender expectations when it comes to women. That is why women have a more convoluted view...
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In addition to women equality, Rich also broadened her writing to promote equality for gays, those disenfranchised by race and class (Rich 5). From the title “When we dead awaken: writing as a revision” it is practically difficult to believe how many people have been affected including women and those who don’t have an idea of what is happening (Rich 5).
According to Rich, it is exhilarating to be alive at the time of awakening consciousness since it leads to confusion, disorientation and pain (Rich 7). By the virtue that the work is a revision, the main idea is to look back and seeing with fresh eyes of entering an old text from a new critical direction (Rich 7). Relatively, the main idea is to create self knowledge for women...
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Beauty and Beast Reason for Long-Lasting, Enduring Power The origin of this famous masterpiece from the earliest extantnovel in conjunction with its outstanding and unique style of reentering the folk culture effectively with literary elements accounts for its long-lasting and enduring power (Griswold 32). It got structured within the novel, ‘The Golden Ass’saw many readers attracted and hence draw massive number of fans. In addition, Beauty and Beast diverse cultural versions including the France origin European versions. These massive cultural-specific versions further account for its continuous praise and increased popularity on a global perspective.
2. Principal Theme
The underlying theme conveyed is the people alleg...
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Although there are many versions, this paper will compare and contrast Villeneuve version with that of Disney because of the characters used, setting and plotting.
The versions are different in some aspects and at the same time similar. For instance, similarities and differences arises by focusing on the main characters in the story. In the Disney version, the Beast is selfish and whiny who revenged actions of others, such as the woman who refused sheltering . This is contrary to the Villeneuve version where the Beast is unselfish and the only wrong portrayed is refusing to marry his governess. For this reason, I see that the characters in the two versions are different in that one is punished for wrongdoing while the other fa...
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