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Field Experience Grade Course (6th, April. 2013) Field Experience Type of setting: A Theme Park and Resort Date and time of your observations: I visited the Disney Land Theme Park and Resort on 20th July 2012. The place opens its doors at 8 a.m…
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Field Experience
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"Field Experience"

Download file to see previous pages It is also a setting where various social groups such as families, couples, friends and even individual visitors will feel comfortable, since the place is set to be all-inclusive. There are different components that give different categories of people a reason to visit. Description of the setting The setting of the Disney Land Theme Park and Resort is all-inclusive, with different segments that people may want to engage in, such as the entertainment, sports, the sit-down restaurants, the food stands where people can purchase different types of foods stuffs, especially snacks, beverages and other light food items. There are also gift shops where people can purchase gifts for their friends, spouses and even family members, since the gift shops are stocked with a variety of gifts, which makes it possible for the visitors to select from a variety. There are various sorts of rest places where people can rest and talk, including in the open air as they enjoy the sun, or under the shades. There are different themes for each particular attraction, which include animals, historical artifacts, fish in their ponds, waterfalls, Splash Mountains, woodland-for-plays, jungle cruise and the fantasyland, where one sings along the classic tunes, while the mind is wandering into the fullness of precious fantasies. The setting is well constituted, to give a visitor the best of feelings and enjoyment, which allows the visitor to forget all other concerns and the aspects of life difficulties, to live an entirely new life, at least for the moment one is in this place. Several games such as the Roller coasters are available, while dining and accommodation services are also adequately available. Entertainment, especially in form of live performances is a common phenomenon in Disneyland, while cool music that brings back sweet memory is also always in play. Observations of the interactions that took place A visit to Disneyland is one of the most thrilling experiences that an individual can ever have. Just by setting the foot on Disneyland, the reality of dreams, fantasy and wild imaginations comes into the forefront, while the stress and any life concern seems to disappears, at least for the moment spent in this Theme Park and Resort. At the entrance, there is a welcoming sign that tells the visitor the type of expectations they should have during the time spent in the Theme Park and in the Resort. The welcoming note tells the visitor to welcome to the place where imagination is the destination. This welcoming sign alone, is sufficient to prepare the mind of the visitor and make it wander from expectation to expectation, increasing the desire to enter and witness the real content of Disneyland. The opening time is 8 a.m. There was already a queue of about 500 people waiting to enter, who consisted of families, couples, friends and even singles. The ticketing service was excellent, since there are many ticket sellers, who serve the customers very fast, ensuring that the visitors do not spend long in the queue. There are various kinds of tickets that are sold to the visitors, depending on the visitors preferences. Bonus tickets are also available, which ensures that customers who buy tickets worth a lot of money also get some bonuses to receive more benefits and services from the Disneyland Theme Park and Resort. The adults are charged from $87, depending on the areas of visitation and the activities to indulge ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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