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Exceptional Special Education (ESE) is a challenging undertaking, both for the students and the teachers in question. It is a challenge insofar as effective learning requires that the teaching approach deployed have the potential to successfully penetrate through the learning barriers particular to ESE students…
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Field Experience Observation
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Download file to see previous pages Following the contextualisation of the topic and the introduction of Kendale Elementary School, the author's observations will be analytically presented, with the final section articulating the field's study's findings.
The challenge of attempting to comply with special education regulations established at the local, state, and federal level has grown in recent years. Strict legal requirements affect the way students with disabilities receive their education. A movement to include more students with special needs within general education classes has caused some educators to question their ability to effectively serve students with various disabilities. Some critics argue that placing students with disabilities in a general education classroom consumes too much time from the workday of an already overworked teacher and reduces the actual time on task for all the students. Another argument against the inclusion movement is the belief that curriculum standards must be lowered to accommodate students with learning disabilities.
One of the most consistent beliefs relating to American educational practices of the past century is that all students are entitled to an equal educational opportunity. Parents, educators, and advocacy groups have contended that the educational services provided to students with disabilities are frequently less effective than the educational experiences that are offered to students without disabilities. Not all students respond positively to traditional educational programs of instruction. Some have social or emotional needs that require different educational environments or strategies. As an immediate result of the aforementioned, school districts around the country have been restructuring their educational programs to accommodate special learners with increasingly complex needs. The response of educational policy makers was to create a separate system of special education to serve these students. As may be deduced from the foregoing, therefore, the delivery of effective ESE is a challenging undertaking. The question of how educators and the school system meet these challenges will be analytically reviewed in relation to a Florida Elementary School.
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