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Astronomical objects - Essay Example

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One of the most impressive achievements of science is the development of a quite detailed understanding of the physical properties of the Universe, even at its earliest stages. Astronomy and Cosmology is a fundamental part of our natural sciences today…
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Astronomical objects
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Extract of sample "Astronomical objects"

Download file to see previous pages One of the most impressive achievements of science is the development of a quite detailed understanding of the physical properties of the Universe, even at its earliest stages. Astronomy and Cosmology is a fundamental part of our natural sciences today. Through close interaction with other disciplines, above all with mathematics and physics, it is been expanding, which on one hand triggers from knowledge, and then on the other profits from them. The great majority of astronomical objects are characterized by large masses and enormous energies. These generally cause matter to exist under extreme conditions of temperature and density, which, even today still lie well beyond what can be realized in a physicals laboratory. The various forms of matter that is encountered away from the Earth, at great distances is being studied as an area of interest. In current astrophysical cosmology there is some interesting and more or less generally accepted observational facts. Thus, in any active-galactic-nucleus phenomenon massive central objects like black holes, tachyons, neutrinos, WIMPS etc are expected to be common, and they are surrounded in a variety of scales, by gas clouds commonly termed circumnuclear gas, with liner a dimensions of a few ten kilo space. All these and few other astronomical objects and their current position in the study of cosmology is being discussed in this thesis.Neutron Stars: Neutron stars are highly compact stellar objects with masses ~ 1-2 M (where M is the mass of the sun), and radii of order 10km. ...
observational data on neutron stars, gathered with a wide variety of detectors from
radio to gamma-ray, provides increasingly stringent constraints on theories of their
constitution. Precision radio and optical timing measurements show that pulsars
have remarkable long-term timing stability, and thus the neutron stars forming them
must have reasonably thick rigid crusts anchoring stable magnetic fields.
Despite substantial work over the past half century, the nature
of matter at the extreme densities in the cores of neutron stars remains uncertain. A
better understanding of the possible states of matter in neutron stars interiors can
also enable the world of cosmology to infer whether an independent family of
denser quark stars, composed essentially of quark matters can exist (Rowan, 1996).
Strings: Strings are extended objects with an intrinsic tension (energy per unit l
length). Recent years have seen a radically different approach to the problem of
quantum gravity this has led to a different idea of the possible structure of the
quantum gravity theory. One of the most exciting ideas is that the fundamental
entities upon which quantum operations must be performed are not point-like but
are one dimensional. Such objects are usually known as strings, or more often super
strings. In the last decades string theory has become a promised candidate for the
underlying theory of the fundamental interactions of nature. However, even though
lots of progress has been done it has not been yet possible to confront it with real
physics. One possibility to achieve this is through cosmology by studying the
cosmological implications of string theory. On the other hand string theory
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