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Uniquely Feminine Action Scenes - Research Paper Example

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This essay examines how female action films’ unique use of innate female characteristics through visual elements like Fighting Aesthetics, Point-of-View shots, mash up of emotional conflict with action sequences and narrative elements like the constant use of a male backbone, the use of children or emotional connection as a character objective…
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Uniquely Feminine Action Scenes
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Download file to see previous pages When she was attacked, she held her leg up to the throat of her opponent while the camera was positioned on the floor looking up. Her crotch was right on the center and it made her legs look even longer. Barb Wire and Sucker Punch follow the model of Charlie’s Angels. These movies emphasize the curves instead of the muscles. In Sucker Punch, one of the most popular fight scene is the Samurai Battle. Babydoll (Browning) was dressed as a female sailor with a hemline that barely covers her butt. In more than one occasion, she slid through the air. Her body was parallel to the floor and the camera was just several inches away from body, locked in one position. It created an illusion that her body was sliding through the camera which put the audience in the closest possible proximity with her breasts, abs, crotch and legs. There are those who criticize Snyder for this, calling it a failed interpretation of feminism (Mencimer 4). Her argument is that the critics on the feminist front are correct. There are still specified parameters wherein violence for women is allowed and these parameters are generally set according to what men are able to put up with. Gina Arnold’s (3) view is very different and subscribes to the idea that the evolving female character is an inspiration and is a positive influence on women. According to Arnold, if we look at the elated reception received by Charlie’s Angels in shopping centres all over America, we can rightly assume that the viewing public are overjoyed to see women attaining a physically superior position when it comes to men. Also according to Arnold, a number of these movies present a more elegant approach when it comes to violence. She also writes that, without the...
You will find that the way that Ripley in Alien has been portrayed affected how women are portrayed in general in action movies. Ever since the release of the first movie in 1979, there have been a strong wave of strong female heroines – “Terminator 1’s” – Linda Hamilton; “China O’Brien’s, Lady Dragon’s” Cynthia Rothrock; “Resident Evil’s” MillaJovovich; “Kill Bill’s Uma Thurman” are just a sampling of some of these. Unfortunately, Weaver’s talent is often eclipsed by her onscreen image. A number of websites take more notice of what she looks like than how she acts.
It is not surprising for producers to use the beauty of women to in action movies. In Charlie’s Angels, there is the undeniable concentration to shoot from a lower angle, possibly to show that the women are superior to the scene and audience but, and this is more likely, to put emphasis on their breasts. There are a number of gratuitous shots of the women’s body and tight shots on their abs, legs, and lips.
The fight scene has a high sexual element to it. They roll across the floor with open legs a number of times. In another shot, they are on their back struggling with their legs open. You could compare this shot to a rape scene. Even their exaggerated grunts, screams and moans are louder than any non-diagetic music in the scene. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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